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In areas with higher than normal rain falls, here is some things you want to consider. Scout your plots. Watch for yellow as nitrogen deficiency can be common due to nitrogen lose by leaching. Insect and bug pressures can also become a problem. In some areas of the midwest we are seeing army worm, aphid and hoppers attacking the fall food plots.

Sudden death syndrom and white mold will once again be a problem in soybean fields. This is why i advocate for people to plant scn and white mold tolerant/resistant varieties. Foliar feeding your soybeans, clovers and brassicas also naturally reduces plant diseases and insect pressures. Why reduce insects by foliar? Insects tend to attach unhealthy forages before healthy one's.

Food for thought.

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You guys have to see this! Love the enthusiasm in the young ones! Actually some really informational topics brought up if you can listen between the laughter! ENJOY!

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