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Teeton 06-Sep-18
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By: Teeton

Going to cut a field (3 acres) this weekend and will use a rough cut mower.. I've never use a rough cut pull behind mower with it's own engine before. This field was neglected for a few year, but I was able to get it cut in later spring with a tractor brush hog. (but that tractor is 25 miles away at our other farm) Now the field is only single stem black berries, rag weed, grass and no real rocks sticking up.

My question is, if I cut it high the first day and then cut lower on the second day will I get a better cut???? Or will it not mater and just cut it low from the start??? I'm thinking 2 cuts but, like I said never use one.

Thanks Ed


if it is thick enough to slow the rpms of the engine, mow twice if not mow once.



With my rough cut mower I do two passes just like you described, go the opposite direction with second pass works great .


2 cuts

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