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By: Zbone

I thought there was a previous thread on this subject but can't find it...

I understand 24DB is suppose to be safe for clover and alfalfa (the B in 24DB indicates Butyrac, safe for lugumes)...ALTHOUGH 24D is a different product, is it safe for clover?

If not how long is the residual effect of 2,4-D Herbicide to replant clover and winter rye?



No. 2,4d is not safe for clover. As far as I know there is no residual effect and you could plant shortly after spraying. Check label.


Butyrac is used for control of broadleafs in clover. I have used it for several years but prefer Pursuit herbicide


2-4D is NOT safe for clover. It is a broadleaf herbicide. I hold a chemical applicators license in Texas and work for a landscape company, 2-4D is one of the main products I use and i have never experienced any residual effects. It will only harm the broadleaf's it touches in the moment.


I'm always amazed at the number of guys that are into spraying these chemicals onto there food plots. I kinda get it in a way but I hope to god you all are taking precautions to cover yourself head to toe and minimize contact with any herbicide, pesticide or fertilizer. I spent many months at Dana farber cancer institute in Boston with an inoperable tumor in my hip and learned just how bad this stuff is and how it ties into certain lymphomas. Sorry to preach but hate the thought of anyone enduring what I went thru and what my family endured. Be safe.


Prior to 2013 butyrac was labeled for clover. Now for alfalfa


Residual effect can very, even shallow tillage will help. The one year I had poor white clover germination with surface broadcast seed, the ground was not tilled, and sprayed with 2,4-D maybe 5 weeks earlier. Most herbicides have shorter rotational planting times when there is tillage involved.

By: Zbone

Thanks folks...


Be careful of air drift. I’ve damaged many fruit trees with 24D.

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