ATV Spreader- for pelllet lime and fert?
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Hunt98 17-Jul-18
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By: Hunt98

I’m looking for an spreader that I can easily attach (not a pull behind) to my atv for spreading lime and fertilizer. I only three acre plot.

What size would you suggest?

What make/model would you suggest?


I use a Moose ATV spreader. Not cheap, about $550, but well made. It attaches easily and comes with a rheostat so rotation speed can be adjusted on the fly.


I have Agri-Fab 150 lb tow behind spreader. JUNK. Parts corode and break. I had to weld rebar on all cross bars to keep from bending. Constant repairs.


I don't know what brand mine is, but most of them are pretty much alike. The first thing I did with my current one was have bedliner shot on the inside and on the spreader plate. That was in 2003 and I don't have any corrosion yet. I've had to patch the plate a couple times with canned spray on bedliner but that beats having it rust out in a few years. I always wash it out and pour a dollop of cheap motor oil in the gates when I'm done also. If you buy a poly spreader, I'd recommend spraying the plate with bedliner before you ever use it.

Edit: My bad, I thought we were talking about tractor spreaders.

By: MK111

I've been using a Moultrie 12 volt spreader and it works great. Cost about $100 and I would buy another one if needed. I use it on 1 ac plots.


I don't remember what brand, but I had one that corroded very badly and the motor quit spinning. Also, make sure you wash your ATV really well after spreading fertilizer or it will corrode as well...

By: Don K

AS Mike mentioned using a spreader on the back of the ATV will play heck on your ATV if you dont wash it ASAP. After seeing what it did to my buddys I would go with a pull behind spreader and keep that stuff away from my ride

By: Don K

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