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Working hard at developing my 60 acres and the 60 plus that attach to it. Currently have a 2 acre powerline ROW with great soil in nice Ladion clover. Not much space in woodland part of property and I am trying to do a couple half acre forage soybean plots (electric fence) with the intent to mow and put brassicas/wheat in for the fall. Thinking of reversing the plots next year and doing the 2 acres in beans and putting clover in the woodlands. Only drawback is the woodland plots are surrounded by white oak. What do you guys think?


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I think your clover plot looks great and I think you have a solid plan. I don't believe the white oaks will be a major problem, but when the corns are dropping you will see a drop off in usage of the plots. Good luck.

By: W

Plant clover and just mow and fertilize occasionally. Easier than planting every fall.


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When the current clover plays out then I would consider the switch. If you have small woodland plots that get a good bit of shade that could be ideal for clover. I would suggest investing in a decent back pack blower to keep leaves off. If you have a high density of deer don’t expect 2 acres of beans to last too long after you take the fence down. I took this picture on the day I took the fence down (about 2 acres) and 3 weeks later I had nothing but stalks. MikeTN

By: wildan

We gave up on soybeans;planted them three times last year,gone as soon as they pop. Had a friend lose 9 acres this year in a couple days.Not practical to fence ours. Trying other plots this year,sun-flower/cow peas;always plant corn(3 acres),sorgum ,millet,winter rye last fall.Red clover plot looks good ,don't know how much the deer are feeding on it.


Those i work with i try to set up 3 year plot rotations. I want people to take advantage of the previous crops. I want people to think long term sustainability vs willie nilly.

So many people focus on soybeans but here is what i try to get people to do for their properties.

1/3 into perennial blends with an increased focus on alfalfa and forbs

1/3 into fall brassicas and winter bulbs with a spring soil building mix to smother weeds naturally and build soil O.M.

1/3 into "flex acres". That could be soybeans, corn, cannamaize, or a full season deer and bird mix.

I want to plant for health of subsequent crops. That is where if you plant soybeans, plant those that dry down fast so we can overseed brassicas or annual clovers into them. This will help with next springs crop. This will be a "cover crop" that gives more 365 day nutrition on your property.


Anyone have a firminator G3 planter I was wondering if anyone has planted turnips with it and what setting do you use I have tried the 1/8" setting and it still puts to much seed out? Do you push lever to 1/4" setting which is as far right as the handle goes and will it dispense seed at that setting? Would appreciate some help ?

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