deer repellant ideas?
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as it said any ideas to keep deer out of soy beans short of fencing it? i have not had good luck fenceing and deer are in it pretty good now. to ight i sprayed perimeterwith bondide deer repellant but thats gonna get expensive if i gotta apply it 1x a week.... id like something i could brew up and put in my sprayer if possible (on the cheap)


does millorganite fertizer work?

By: t-roy

Electric fence is, by far, your best deterrent.


Buy a tag. It keeps them away from me every time


last time i tried e-fence the deer avoided it like a plague for about 3 months after i took it down!


oh im sure when ive got a tag they will be nowhere to be found....but little early for that

By: 1boonr

There is no way deer avoided a bean field without a fence “ like the plague.” A fence is your only real option besides planting a bigger field and letting them eat


Try sulphur pellets


Find some fish oil. Local farm supply should be able to get it for you. Spray your beans with it. They hate it


chlorine tablets will help ,put on a string on a post every 10 yards, go to your local barber and get human hair, put in jug tie to a post about 10 yards apart, tie out deer hounds. Forrest


If you are going to plant soybeans in relatively small plots then you need to have electric fencing.... otherwise you are throwing away valuable time and money.


Could you describe how you're fencing the plot? Short of 8' of mesh wire, the only thing that keeps deer out is 2 rows of electric.


Mike-TN's embedded Photo

I’m using 2 rows of electric. A little bit of an initial investment but the ability to have beans is worth it IMO. Inside fence has a high and a low strand and the outside fence has a single about half way in between. I put about 3 feet of spacing in between. I have not been real precise with it but have had excellent results.

By: Cowdoc

I've been reading that a single row electric fence but with the posts put in at 60 degree angles leaning out with a couple of hot wires is effective. Has anyone tried this? Apparently it messes with a deers' depth perception and they don't try to jump it.


Well not sure how big your plot is, but, what about laying snow fencing down? I've heard they don't like walking in it, might do the job.


Rage 2 blade works really well... ;-)


scarecrow with pie pans to blow in wind as hands and a battery boom box playing rock


I’ve hear of spraying them with oil that has cayanne pepper mixed with it. The oils stick to the plants and when they get a taste of the hot pepper they are done with it. That’s what my mom does in her garden seems to work ok but I think you have to reapply after a heavy rain and don’t know if they will remember and avoid it later when you want to be hunting that area.


what do you mean by snow fencing? i hung aluminum pie plates every 15 yds all the way around monday night....they move quite well im a breeze and are surprisingly noisey. but im sure that wont last....


really looking like this will be a failure....iguessing i will be tillimg it under in a few weeks....:(

By: Scoot

I'd suggest you just have me hunt there-- that seems to keep them away pretty consistently!


I have heard spreading human hair from the barbershop sometimes helps


well im haooy to say so far looks as if my pie aluminum plates and spraying perimeter with deer repellant seems to be working, not a single track in them and they are looking better. still plenty of deer tracks in other end of plot in clover. tomorrow im going to reapply deer repellant and spray bean with gly....


Buck Watcher's embedded Photo

We have had a large garden for 40+ years. Tried many things that DON'T work - or work just for a few days:

Human &/or dog hair on ground or hanging. Radio blasting...even country music did/t work. Motion lights. Hanging pie pans. "Rope" fence. Dog house with a dog in it. Deer would eat just out if her reach.

The ONLY thing that has works is an electric fence......20+ years now. I have a 120V AC fencer on the garage wall with a wire underground to the fence. They make a 12V DC fencer. My buddy has one and says 1 charge on a good battery lasts all summer. I use the rope type wire (metal strands in a 1/8" nylon rope).

Again.....never failed. Fencer and 1/2 mile wire under $100.

By: Junior

We use pie plates and perfume rags tied to trees, along with an occasional 12 ga round up in the air. Has been working for a few years now.


went up again today all good , pie plates seem to be working. 1 thing that probally helps is this is a very rural low deer density all woods area these deer spook very easy, and the pie plate are quite noisy.... i also sprayed the perimeter again today with ortho deer be gone.


jdrdeerslayer's MOBILE embedded Photo

well im happy to report my methods seem to be working....i put aluminium pie plates on post every 15 yds( tbey make alot of noise in the slightest breeze) and i sprayed the perimeterwith deer b gone from walmart about 1x a week till about a week ago. this pic was yesterday and im just starting to get pods and will problally remove the plates next week and letem feast.....


Call me crazy, but i want to attract deer not repel them... this time of year till December anyway :0)


There are also electronic devices that can be used which helps the motion detector to spot deer. The another method to guarantee deer do not enter you garden is to use deer netting.

Most of the exterminator Nassau County NY uses wide variety of eco-friendly, green products that are available that are designed to be sprayed on plants with the intention of repelling deer.


Would love to get some info on electric fencing system as this will be my first time fencing in beans (next spring).

I would like to be able to fence in at least an acre.

Any cost-reducing tips or recommended products?

By: t-roy

The plot fence system works very well. It doesn’t keep every deer out, but it will greatly reduce the pressure on your growing beans. Lots of info out there on the system. I use tee posts for my corner posts and anywhere there is a bend or jog in your fence. Plastic step-in posts work great for supporting your fence in the runs between tee posts. The straighter you make your fence, ie. the less curves/bends, the easier it is to put up and maintain. I’ve been planting clover strips where the actual fence will be. The clover is an attractant itself, plus it helps to keep the weeds/grasses from growing tall and grounding your fence out.

Turbo tape set at approximately 18” high for the outer fence, and 2 strands of turbo wire approximately 3’ inside of the turbo tape. The top strand is set about belt high, and the bottom strand about shin high. You can stretch the turbo wire and tape by hand.

By: steve

That's a nice plot how come you never invited me there .LOL STEVE


Come up any time steve !


I find that if I put a stand in the best tree around and nock an arrow there isn’t a deer for miles! Works great. My other trick is making it rain. All I do is either forget my rain gear or push the start button on my motorcycle.


Put a mannequin dressed in camo out there and start up a thermocell backed with some ozonics, that should keep the deer 3 forty's away :P


If you ask me the best deer repelant would be a 12 guage and a tree stand


My method worked very well....but as soon. As I removed the pie plates and stopped spraying perimeter the deer flattened the beans In 1 month time. Only one that benifitted was my buddy's kid took his 1st deer over them during youth season which was cool but they were wiped out by time regular season Started

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