Dual Magnum pre emergent for Cow peas
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Has anyone used dual magnum or any type of pre emergent on iron clay cow peas? I've read the label for dual magnum and the following peas were listed. I would like to think a pea is a pea. Thanks in advance.

Peas Peas, blackeye Peas, Crowder Peas, English Peas, pinkeye Peas, Southern


prowl/stealth works pretty well


I think you will be fine.

I used it on my purple hull peas in my garden - which i think are almost the same plant. it worked spectacular. i haven't had to hoe one time - they are weed free and growing like crazy. I have alot of Nut grass, and its about the only PRE that will keept it from coming up.

i bought it mainly to use on sunflowers - but it works on alot of legumes...

i sprayed, section harrowed, then planted.

i used the generic version at 24oz to the acre. https://www.keystonepestsolutions.com/me-too-lachlor-ii-herbicide-2-5-gallons-replaces-dual-ii-magnum-196


I also use me2 laclor It’s really effective on smaller seeded weeds like millet and other small seeds. Not effective on morning glory. Should be okay on seeds the size of peas.

By: lewis

Yep works Lewis


Thanks for all the responses/info. I will be applying it next time I plant them.


dual 2, me-too-lachlor or parallel can be used preemergent on any non grain plantings. I also tell people to use it at burndown with glyphosate preplanting perennial plots or soybeans.


John, are you talking about tank mixing with gly ?


Tank mix 1.5 quarts per acre gly with 1 quart of me--too-lachlor/parallel/dual2

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