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Starfire 20-Jun-18
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Anyone here use the groundhog disc? I have a chisel plow for my tractor but it leaves the ground rough. Don't want to invest in a tractor pulled disc, they run bout $500 on the used market and my tractor is leaking oil. Thinking of transitioning to an all ATV prepared food plot. My largest food plot is 2 acres and I think smaller ATV pulled implements would allow me to do some other smaller plots and trails around my property.


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By: t-roy

I would discourage you from going the ATV route for your plots, David. They just don’t seem to hold up to the heavy usage nearly as well as a tractor. I’ve gone that route and it seems that I was always having to constantly shut down the ATVs to let them cool down. I know more than one guy who fried the engines on their ATVs as well. You could use a section of chain link fence with a few tires or a harrow section or two to smooth out the chiseled ground somewhat.

How big is your tractor?

By: Keef

I had one for a while. Didn't care much for it. It's definitely not meant for doing a 2 acre plot. It would take forever to do it. I'd look at other pieces of equipment.


Try finding a spring tooth harrow. Been using one for years and it does a great job of preparing a seed bed. You can adjust the depth so it’s not to hard on your atv


I had a Groundhog Max and really liked it. But my expectations were realistic with it. Will it do a 2 acre plot, yes. But it would take a while. They are sweet for small out of the way plots. Where I used mine you will never get a tractor, don't ask how I know. The only reason I sold both of the GHM's I had was because I am going no till for any plots I may do in the future. I have went that route and had way less weeds.


Ive got one and really like it. I use it for small plots only and because i dont have a tractor. You need a quad powerful enough and liquid cooled to not have problems. Im using a 700cc 4x4 with a solid axle. It will tear up the ground but you have to be realistic in its capabilities. It will smooth out your rough ground but dont expect a real smooth seed bed. Youll need a section of fence as suggested above if thats what you want.

By: Ambush

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I have a four foot section from an old drag disc I got for free. Just a few weeks ago, I took the plasma cutter and notched all the blades. Cuts better. All my stuff is homemade or modified from junk. I converted a three foot rototiller from a PTO driven garden tractor, to pull behind the quad. It works good and is very easy on the quad because it almost self propels. It doesn't like long grass, but then neither does the disc.

My plotting adventures are pretty small scale and simple so I hate to spend real money on equipment and all I have is a quad for pulling. I just take small bites and take my time.


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Picked up this 7 footer yesterday. I think you will be better off on larger 1-2 acre plot s. Gave$400.

By: Z2

The Groundhog Max is great for small food plots in hard to reach areas. Have about a 3/4 acre food plot in the bottom of a draw that is impossible for a tractor to get out of. Took about 20 minutes but had the area disced well and then used a drag to pull debris off and smooth out the seed bed. 2 acres would take a while but it's kind of fun because you just get to drive around and faster speeds works a little better. Used on a Polaris Sportsman 700


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Well I followed your advise and found a used disc for only $100. I gave the guys neighbor a $20 tip for loading it for me. It tilled nice and made a smooth bed, which I planted in turnips and oats.

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