Herbicide in buckwheat plot??
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Is there a safe herbicide to use in a food plot sowed with buckwheat? The weeds appear to be a grass of some sort possibly Timothy or orchard grass.


Nope. All are grasses. Nothing I'm aware of will kill one type and not another.


Buckwheat is not a grass or related to wheat. You might try clethodim which is grass specific. I grow buckwheat every year but have not had to spray for grass. I would do a small test area first before spraying the whole plot to see how it does first


Thanks gobbler.

I ran out time and did a horrible job seeding this plot and rushed it instead of doing it right the first time


A good stand of buckwheat will almost smother weeds out.


Box call, I am sure you are right. This was my first buckwheat plot and I’m not sure what to expect. I guess there is no harm killing the grass st this point.

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