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HI everyone. New to food plot construction. My crops are just popping out of the ground here in MA and my question is, What type of weed/grass control can I use on the plot now that it starting to come up without harming crop? I have Corn, Chufa, Purple Top turnips and a Clover/Alpha alpha mix. I appreciate all your input folks....


If you have seperate plots of each you have options to meet the requirements for each situation. Broadleaf weeds in corn? 2-4D Flexor is an option. Grass weeds in legumes? Cleth (arrow)broad leaf weeds in clover? 2,4-DB (Butrac). If everything is mixed your only options were pre-emerge herbicides, so walk around with a hoe like my grandfather did


Mike is correct, it depends on your crops. I imagine they are separate plots. At least, they should be. Also, I don't plant turnips this early in the season, control the weeds all spring and summer through spraying and when you plant your brassicas in late summer, early fall, they will out-compete any leftover weeds. For Chufa, I don't know if there is anything that can be sprayed since Chufa is basically just a sedge with a lot of nuts in the roots, so most sprays will kill it. I had to hand-weed my chufa which sucked, but they came up great. Also, I only plant Roundup Ready Corn but if yours is not RR, spray 2-4D.


In my Chicory clover plots my best method of weed control is to mow. I have tried weed killer but mowing about 3-4 times a season is best.



You guys are great....Fantastic info for this rookie planter of the crops....lol..

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