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By: Fuzz

I have a 4 yr old planting of Whitetail Clover that needs replanting. I've added lime. More fertilizer is going down within a week.

My question: Has anyone tried planting over an existing plot without the normal tilling and other prep?

I'm familiar with frost seeding and it's beyond that. I'm thinking about dragging then rolling, broadcast new seed , and finish with another rolling. Any thoughts from you guys on this?


Are weeds a problem? If so I would let it go this spring and rework it this fall with clover and a cover crop.... after you had your weeds taken care of. add your needed fertilizer this spring.... no nitrogen in the fertilizer you put down this spring.


I got into a new CRP program for pheasants. It have to be planted by June 1 this spring. Mow 10" heigth then spray 2 quart of round up to control the weeds and and leave it die down. Then Disc to break the soil up and broadcast seed.


You don't really give us much information. If there is still some clover left, I would just use the right herbicide for either grasses or broadleaf weeds NOT GLYPHOSATE, and then overseed into the existing clover. No need to start over and working the soil will just bring up weed seeds and isn't good for the soil.

By: Teeton

Being that I don'y know what other chops are around or the size of your plot.

Sometimes it's just easier to redo from scratch and sometimes not. The thing I know for sure is that if there's not a ton of other plot type foods around a plot that's got like 30% clover still in it the deer will still use it and use it a lot. What are your weeds as not all weeds are bad. A weed to you, may just be food to deer. You could try to cut back on what taking over your plot and over seed.. Clover should be cut 3 or 4 times a year if the weather permits. That also helps keep the weeds down a lot. I've cut (killed) back the grass and weeds in the previous summer and fall and then over seeded as soon as the snow is gone here in Pa the next spring. It work well for me. Ed

By: MK111

Just today I received my seed order from G.R.O. Plus this weekend I'l be frost seeding my 2 clover plots with WTI clover. This is the 5th and 4th season for these 2 clover plots and no reason to start over. Just going to get after the grass and a few weeds. I bought a new pump motor for my sprayer and will be spraying grass killer since it's warmer and it's starting to green up. Tilling my 3rd clover plot under since it's mostly grass and planting G.R.O. alfalfa-clover mix with a nurse crop of his 3 annual clover mix. This plot was not WTI clover when started 5 season ago. But was clover in a off brand peas-beans mix.

Bow Crazy's Supporting Link

For me, my clover plot has been the easiest plot of all. I would't start over. Do a soil test and add what is recommended. If needed I would spray the weeds, grasses and/or broadleafs. Give it a week or so and just over seed with a clover mix. You can drive over it with your ATV if you want, a heavy rain will do the same thing. I only cut twice a year, once after the clovers go to seed (reseeds your clover), then again in early August hitting with another dose of fertilizer. Keeping it really simple works for me. I would have to look, I think my clover plot is going on 10 years now. QDMA has an awesome book on food plots and more. See Link above. BC


Sounds like a lot of work, no acorns where you live??

By: goyt

I like Bow Crazy's approach as the next thing to try. If you can kill the weeds and non-clover broadleafs plus fertilizer and lime you will be moving in the right direction. We have disced and reseeded w/o killing the grass and broadleafs and the plots just keep getting worse. One application of a grass killer did wonders. Regardless if you reseed sooner or not I would considered frost seeding next winter after the herbicides have done their work. Frost does such a great job of preparing the soil and the wet spring weather makes for a great result.

By: MK111

Went down and frost seeded 3 of my clover plots today. Heavy snow-rain tonight. It's really wet out there now after the 3" snow we got on Tuesday that's all melted now.


Fuzz. I believe your method will work as good as any suggested. A light drag, cultipac, Seed, cultipac will b fine. I am not a big proponent on using much fertilizer on Clover. Weeds love fertilizer too. GLuck

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