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I live in NW CT. Early last fall I plowed under a 6 year clover plot full of crab grass and week\ds. Sprayed it first waited 2 weekends sprayed again and 2 weeks more. Dissed and iltipacked. Planted a clover blend, and had slightly below average return. It was a hot and very dry fall. So I think I want to frost seed.

BUT WHEN? I assume I had to- 1-previous fall blow off the fall leaves 2-wait for solid frozen ground mid December or so in ct. 3-snow arrives usually in December (don't cast seed on snow right?) 4-December thru march-snow melts, snow comes, snow melts.. ground freezes, thaws a little, freezes some. I think it's ok I have not planted yet. Or should I have? 5. I wait until late march, no snow, still frozen ground, not as solid as it was in December though. Do I broadcast with no snow in march? 6. Why if we get a let Mech or early April snow is the seed going to rot.

Anyone have step by step approach, I know I must be overthinking this one. Thanks


I would do it in early March snow or no snow. Don't worry if it snows later.

By: t-roy

1. That helps. The less litter/debris on the ground, the better. 2. I would wait until late in the winter, like early-mid March. 3. If you have crusted snow, definitely don’t seed. If fluffy snow, then you will be ok. 4. You will most likely get several freeze-thaw cycles in March and, possibly into April. 5. Even if you have no snow, you will still get some ground movement during the f/t cycle. 6. Your seed will be fine. It’s not going to rot. 7. I always go a little heavier than the recommended frost seeding rate with clover. 8. Depending on the shape of your plot, IMO, I get a more even seeding if I divide my total amount of seed in halves and broadcast 1/2 of it going N-S and then broadcast the other half going E-W. Sometime when frost seeding, guys will only hit the areas that were thin, which is fine. I like to broadcast at least some new seed into the entire plot.

Good luck!


t-roy speaks the truth X2!



Ok good info. Good thought on e/w and n/s approach. Thanks

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