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I talk about mother nature a lot. There are numerous reasons for this. We never know if it will be cold, or hot or wet or dry. This is where the managed intensive grazing philosophy is that of bio diversity. I always include something in any food plot mix, pasture mix or cover crop mix to handle each of these scenarios.

In many areas of the midwest we have been experiencing 4-6 weeks of dry weather. Some areas have seen less than .3 of an inch of rain. Here is a picture i received today from a client in the low/no rain area.

Why am i receiving so many pictures of people surprised to see growth in these conditions.....ROOTS. I use a root stimulator/2 phase growth promoter on my seed blends to make roots. If you make roots, you will draw in moisture more readily as well as soil nutrients. Once conditions moderate then we see explosive growth. The roots are the Powerhouse.

Here is a picture of my inner sanctum mix. It was planted on August 19th and this picture was from the 17th of Sept. It was all woods until a few days before planting. There was no lime put down yet and all he did was push back the trees, level it out and broadcast , drag and roll, Inner Sanctum into it.

.3" of rain, new ground and here is what is possible. For those with extreme shade or poor soil conditions there always is a solution. Yes, get your soil correct but planting bio diverse mixes helps and growth promoters give it another kick in the butt.

By: MK111

That looks great and should draw the deer in. I always say where the does are the bucks will come looking.


That place looks unnatural. I'd rather spend my time in healthy unmolested woods, but that's just my opinion.


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I just planted about a quarter acre with Inner Sanctum in two different plots. The ground was damp in one, not so much in the other. I'm needing rain badly on three places. I also planted a half acre to Mass Builder, but I think it rained on that one the afternoon I got through. That plot pictured looks good John !


Looks great. Nice mix and fantastic start. Lots of extra nutrition there for the wildlife. Well done

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