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By: wilbur
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Another satisfied customer of John O'Brion of Grandpa Ray Outdoors. His advise and great seed has helped me grow a number of food plots. Check out this video of a mini whitetail frenzy on Grandpa Ray's Four Galore. Couple of decent 8 pts for here in Connecticut. Thanks again John the season opens this Friday.


John has been very helpful to me also. He will answer my dumb questions quickly, even if it's not about his products.


Thanks for the words. I started GRO to help do my part to change the industry. I have a lot of insight from the top to the bottom on the seed food chain. I never recommend anything I couldn't buy myself. My advise comes from the many years of hands on, real life applications with my client base. I have been an independent most of my career and sell myself vs products. Yes, Grandpa Ray Outdoors does sell seed and nutritional products but I believe inside each bag of product is John. What that means is i stand behind my advise and products.


I also have had great results with questions and seeds from GRO. In fact I have a few acres of frosty delight and bulbs galore coming up in some heavily browsed beans right now!

By: MK111

I've used Grandparay's seed for 2 years now. The Frosty Delight seed I planted this year is doing great.


Have any of y'all used Grandpa Rays fertilizer products?


I use his humic booster and foliar fertilizer on every single plot I do for clients. I have used his seeds exclusively for three years now. There is no other company on the market with better products or willingness to help and educate.


Years like this year where you see mother nature challenges, the clients who have used 4-15-12 and 9-4-9 are raving about what theya re seeing. Ive shot numerous videos in the GRO educational plot showing what happened when i used 9-4-9. Only .3 of an inch of rain in 5 weeks and we are seeing better than i could expect. Even though ive sold foliar plant foods for 17 years, i'm still amazed by what I see. For $5-10 per acre, that is cheap insurance.


This is the second year I've bought seed from John and once again had incredible results. His advice is candid and accurate....and very much appreciated!!



My fist year ever doing a food plot. Used john as my teacher. I listened and did what I was told. And look at the results



Dang it can't get photo to come up. Anyhow, it's a photo of my son standing in grains and greens and it's past his knees.

By: Oneeye

I'm a happy customer too. The seed I get is definitely fresh because I get great germination rates on it. I have afarm so I have done some cover cropping too. John's stuff is way better then the local bulk ag store. Johns advise and input is icing on the cake. I also like some of the unique blends he offers and a few times he made some custom blends for my "special needs" spots on my property. I had a shady, wet area and he mixed a customer blend that is still pulling deer three seasons later.


I've been a very satisfied customer as well.

Big thanks to GRO.


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