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Elkhorn's embedded Photo


Milkweed. You sure it is deer that are eating it?


Not completely sure, but every leaf was stripped in two areas near the woods.


Milkweed, its caterpillars eating it, not deer




No chew marks on the leaves just completely removed from the stem. There are a lot of rabbits in the area I read they might eat them.


Thanks guys


The pods will be removed from the milk weed plants in my area. Usually from my dad or I using them for wind detectors. Works awesome and very cheap. My dad will actually get eveyone he can like the Lords gonna not make'm next year. I think it's an Ole Timer thing. He has all the grandkids and everyone he comes in contact using them around here.

By: jims

This is one of several milkweed species. Several of the milkweeds are poisonous to livestock...some milkweed species (whorled) are more poisonous than others.

Although farmers may not like milkweed it is essential for the monarch butterfly. After mating, the female monarch lays eggs on milkweed plants, typically one egg per plant. Once hatched, monarch larvae feed exclusively on the plant. There may be something else eating the milkweed plants but thought I would add some info.

By: lawdy

Milkweed, monarch butterflies rely on it. I watch them a lot up here working the milkweed on my land.

By: Fuzzy

yep, milkweed, I doubt that deer are feeding on it.


Single bevel's MOBILE embedded Photo

Milkweed. Never saw a deer touch it. But it's the best wind indicator, PERIOD. It shows wind patterns that no puff bottle will ever come close to. Dry a pod, put a rubber band around it to keep the floaters from falling out. and attach a clip to it so you can hang it from your coat while hunting. One pod has hundreds of floaters in it.


No question- That is milkweed and I have never seen a deer eat it. The pods make great wind checkers...will also make you rethink what wind direction means. tremendously valuable tool when used correctly.


Milkweed fact,mom said her and other kids would gather milkweed pods for the war effort.the fuzz was put in life vests.

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