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By: kyrob

I have a food plot of clover and chicory that is covered in ragweed. I have been keeping it mowed all summer but the ragweed persists. I have read that ragweed is 47% crude protein but I haven't seen any sign of the deer eating it. I was wondering if I sprayed it with sugar water if that might start them eating it? Sounds silly but if they would eat it, it would be a win win situation. What do you think? Crazy or a possibility of it working?


You'd have alot of ants I bet!

I don't worry too much about ragweed unless it is choking out the plot.


Would like to know my self.....i have a ruff time controlling it hear in new England Maybe sometime like liquid cmere deer?? I have seen where the deer nip at it hear and there but it doesn't seem to attract them. My clover would be well mowed down and ragweed not touched


A deer will eat what it needs. If they are not eating something, there is a reason. If they needed protein, and if ragweed supplied protein, they would eat it. I would quit worrying about it. It may be, that being ruminants, they cannot process it.


I seen a a lot of deer here in ms eating, we have a lot of cutover areas and that's one of the first things to pop up. I've heard on a few podcast about the fertilizing it on purpose to get them to eat it has well. Think it was either one wired to hunt with grant woods who does a lot pine management and natural browse or Bronson Strickland of msu deer lab.

By: Fuzzy

they will sometimes nip ragweed, but it's not a high preference item. I wouldn't sweeten it.


It seems to me that this would attract countless ants, as pointed out above, as well as swarms of bees. I personally would not recommend this.



To answer your original question - Yes. It is a crazy idea.

Uncontrolled, ragweed will eventually take over your plot and if it gets to seed forget it. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to sacrifice a plot but it is necessary sometimes. Next year, kill off the plot with glyfo, wait a couple weeks and till the soil. Wait a month and spray what came up. Do that until your plot is clean. Then start over. I have two plots I need to do that to in 2018 because weeds and grass are starting to get a foothold there.


I think pat is spot on and that my plan next year. Spay till spray till repeat


Ragweed is one of my top forages here. I've protected different varieties of stuff within an E fence over the years. Small plots of stuff I couldn't have established without the fence. Sunflowers, beans, cowpeas. Stuff that's deer candy. I also end up with some amazing ragweed in those plots. When I remove the fence and let the deer in, the rag weed is one of the things that they hit 1st and hit hardest. It's a great weed IMO.

By: OkieJ

Ragweed is for Quail.


Just keep mowing and don't let it go to seed or use a weed wiper and kill above everything else


another option is to rotate the plot into a RR crop (if you do not have Roundup Resistant weeds in your area). I plow down my weedy clover and put in Eagle Forage RR Soybeans, spray twice and the plots clean right up.


You gave me an idea for a video i'll shoot tomorrow on this topic out on the farm. We "manage" giant rag weed. Giant ragweed i let grow in strategic areas. It is a staple during times like this when mother nature comes into play. It also can be managed as a screening.

Stay tuned.

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