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So 6 years ago cleared a 1/2 acre that is an extension of the lawn and a clear view from the kitchen window. We only own 13 acres but back up to 100's of privately opened acreage. The initial planting was clover and deer were seen entering the field often in daylight hours. I was dedicated to soil testing, lime and fertilizer for 2 plus years, shot a few deer too in the plot. Crab grass and other weeds have been getting momentum and spraying, mowing just could not get them under control. I too stopped with soil testing and fertilizing. At this point I decide to spray the plot to kill it. I am in CT. A little late for sure probably should have done it 2 weeks ago or more. I want to plant something to attract deer but also it needs something to easily manage. Hunting behind the house is not the priority or goal, other spots I have are better. Behind the house may be a quick PM hunt if it looks like deer are using the field. So what should I plant to make an easily managed plot that attracts deer? I am thinking it is clover again. However I look at GROutdoors and see stuff like inner sanctum, logging trail mix and wonder. Because this is an extension so to speak of a nice lawn it also needs to "look" ok too. Right now it is a crab grass mess it needed to die. Because it is a spot I can mow, maybe I go with clover and mow frequently year 1 in hopes the crB grass does not return. Does the inner sanctum or logging trip mix grow wild and can it sustain mowing? Either way we sprayed it tonight, and will hope to plant in 2 or 3 weeks. Another question there too is what perennial can I plant at that time? If this year their is no growth for deer to eat I am ok with it as long as their is strength growth next year to surprises the weeds.Any info is appreciated. Thanks


My wife's food plot out the kitchen window works great. She calls it a flower bed.


Did you plant your clovers the first time with use of a nurse crop like a wheat or rye or oat of some sort? They help the clovers establish by keeping weed competition down. Then right before they seed out mow it down. Id do a good clover blend, annuals&perennials, mostly whites with a red and maybe chicory with a winter wheat or Cereal Rye(as your nurse crop) in the beginning of September.


I did not do a nurse crop. It does seem like a good approach as I have been researching.


It's how we often do alfalfa. You'll swear there isn't any in the wheat then after the wheat's cut it shows.


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Bird seed works for sure.

By: Novice

After talking with a seed dealer/farmer today, I would also say something added to it like winter rye to help it out. This will really help it out for next year and to build it for the future.

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