Grass and weeds in new brassica plot
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Trackdawg 19-Aug-17
t-roy 19-Aug-17
Pat Lefemine 19-Aug-17
Trackdawg 19-Aug-17


What are my best options for a new plot that is now sprouting a lot of weeds and grasses. I feel just letting it go will be fine since the brassicas are growing well. Any opinions?

By: t-roy

You can spray Clethodim to kill the grasses, but not much you can do about the broadleaf weeds that I know of other than hand weeding them.


While I've never done it, you can mow brassicas. I remember John O'Brien mentioning that a couple years back. But this time of year I don't worry about the grass and weeds too much unless it's already a jungle and it inhibits the brassica growth. Most of the weeds are in their final stages now and your brassicas will outgrow them and shade them out.


Thanks everyone. Good luck this season.

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