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Osceola 18-Aug-17
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Osceola 18-Aug-17


I looked at Pat's most recent topic and I am unable to see the picture of the deer he posted. I also tried to view it on my Iphone and got the same result - no picture. The only picture I see in that blog is ohiohunter showing a 182" deer in the back of a pickup.

It happens on other posts/topics as well.

If anyone else has suffered this travesty and figured out what I need to do or adjust on my computer to see the pictures, I would be eternally grateful.


Are you using wi-fi on your phone to access the web via the same Internet Service Provider as your PC? Otherwise, what you're describing is very difficult to explain. Can you see your own trophy picture of the deer that you've got posted in your profile? In any case, what I'd try first is to clear all browsing and download history, cookies, cache, site preferences, and offline website data from your device. Then try again.


I can see my deer picture when I look at my profile. I work at a place with extreme firewalls. I do believe it uses the same wifi when I am at work, but would use a different one when I am not on work premise. I can get many things on the phone that I cannot get at my work computer due to the firewalls. In this case, it is no difference, I cannot get pictures on either unit. Strange thing is that I cannot see Pat's picture on my home computer either. Home computer is an Apple, which is different from work models, and on a completely different server from work.

Thanks for trying.

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