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Can give more details but I have a sedge infestation I need to treat. I plan to mow it back this weekend and spray I next weekend. I'm reading about using a halosulfuron (Sedgehammer) and gly mix.

Questions are:

Can anyone share personal experience?

Can I drill Eagle Seed Broadside (turnips, radishes & winter wheat) within 2-3 weeks after spraying?

What else do I need to know?


I have used sedgehammer, its a good product. All the help I can offer.

By: t-roy

I know it tuff to get rid of! Technically, it is neither a grass nor a broadleaf weed. It's listed as a sedge. Go figure!

The instructions on the label for the halosulfuron should tell you whether or not it will kill the plants you are considering planting.


X2 what t-Roy said. Also, you will get much better results if you add methylated seed oil (MSO) to any brand of halosulfuron...


I only treat in cool season turf and have had great luck using sedgehammer with a light mix of 2-4d amine with a penetrant like LI700. Not sure if can plant on top of it. Good luck.


Thanks everybody. Anyone who has planted over it please add thoughts.


Also I forgot to mention very important not to mow it off before spraying. Spray the sedge first then mow offer a week or two. You will need the foliage to get herbicide into the root/nut of the plant.


I had a nutsedge infestation in my yard for years. Tried all brand chemicals claiming to kille it, to no avail.

Then one fall, I rented a dethatcher, and dethached the yard. I did it when it was very dry - not a good idea for your yard, but you have to make use of a day off from work when you get it.

Anyway, the dethatcher made my yard look like it had just been disc'ed by four Tractors all day long. It turned up all the grass, and nutsedge. My yard was nothing but dry dirt powder.

Overnight, deer came out of the woods, and ate all the nutsedge. No kidding.

It looked like the deer had a party all night long, and invited all their friends. Deer Tracks everywhere.

I replanted my yard with Rebel Fescue, and I have not had yellow nutsedge growing in my yard since.

Thank you, Deer Herd, for doing what chemicals could not do.


Don't Mow it.

You can buy generic brand sedgehammer - basagran - mix it with 24d

make sure you use a good surfactant - i would also add some good quality crop oil. Sedege is very waxy and you want to make sure you get good adhesion.

By: lewis

Basagram basagram works and you can mix it with clethodim to kill the grasses good luck I hate nuts edge except chufa Lewis


I highly recommend using a product called speader sticker, or another surfactant along with the Sedgehammer or equivalent product. It will increase the uptake of the chemical by the target plant. That said, I add it to all herbicide and insecticide applications. I would treat it then wait a week then retreat. It may or may not hinder seed germination. We usually wait 3 weeks after an application to seed unless it is a glyphosate app then we seed the next day. I was a commercial applicator for 20 years in the landscape business and this is the way we get this sedge controlled. .


Great info guys. I plan to spray this weekend instead of mowing first (unless there are seed heads in which case I will high now then spray). Probably treat again in a week or two also.

I will use halosulfuron, glyphosate and Crossbow. Forever after this will be known as the great nuke job of 2017.

Thanks everybody.

By: t-roy

"I love the smell of glyphosate in the morning". ;-)


Basagran only kills the tops, not the roots. It is not the same as sedgehammer. Also 24d has residual so you need to wait to plant.

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