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By: MK111

My one clover plot got thistles in it 2 yrs ago. Mowed couple times last year and 3 times this year. Nothing went to seed this year. My question is. By mowing 3 times this year and nothing going to seed will there be thistles next year? Or at least fewer?


Yes and maybe. Depends what kind they are and you are likely to always have some. Give them a dose of 2 4 db.


Late in the year, if your clover freezes out and is no longer green, you might try roundup on a small portion. Thistle is best killed very late.


Spawn of the devil they are

By: jdee

Way to kill Thistle is strong vinegar (check with your Soil and Water Conservation Dept. here they have 55 gal. drums of vinegar for Thistle), water and 1/3 cup of Dawn dish soap and start spraying. Kills it dead !!


Seed can stay in the ground for decades before germinating. Spray them late Winter or early Spring while they're still flat on the ground before they take off.


What really torqes me is the way the state (KS) does nothing about them, what ever kind they are. First year, a thistle plant or two. When it goes to seed, the seed get swept down the road a little ways, and so on. Now, you may see mile long stretches of these damn things. Another thing that it looks like everyone has give up on, (in SE KS) is controlling the Serica Lespidesa. Cattle will only eat it at one stage, IF there is no other grass.

Fortunetly, my place is not near any major roadways that spread the seeds, so I am able to hit all the thistles , Johnson Grass, & Serica with a shot of Round-Up.

By: Ben

Mdw, it's funny the state does little but, they will send you a notice to keep yours under control. I use 24D on mine with good results. have for the last 30 years and really have very few now.


I used to have a lot of thistle in my pasture, but, after several years of spot spaying them in the spring with 2,4 D from my ATV, I have very few left.

By: jdee

If you don't spray Thistle in some towns in NM you will be fined that's why the S and W Cons. Dept supply the spray.

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