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nutritionist 10-Aug-17


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This week Grandpa Ray Outdoors launches 3 new mixes that we had been testing. They all have a purpose that fit overlooked areas in people's wildlife program.

Bulbs Galore. A mix containing 1/3 radish, 1/3 rutabaga and 1/3 turnips. This is for late season/winter energy source and it also doubles as a "shed plot mix." This helps you find sheds as it's a destination for winter stockpiled bulbs that creates an environment where bucks antlers are more likely to drop as they are digging for the bulbs.

3 Way Annual Clover. A mix of 1/3 berseem clover, 1/3 balansa clover and 1/3 crimson clover. This works as a plow down clover mix as well as a nurse crop or companion crop as part of your annual or perennial blends. This is fast growing and adaptive to numerous climates and soil types.

3X. 3x contains alfalfa, ladino clover and chicory. It is a higher yielding perennial mix that give us better summer forage and late fall/winter forage. You get more drought tolerance as well as an extra 33-50% more tonnage per acre.

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