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Put in my plot this last weekend. My first ever. ??that everything goes as planned. Now here's my next project. I'm going to put in a watering hole. Where my land is water is a long distance away, so adding water is going to do nothing but help. I bought a 40gal tub from fleet farm. I'm going to dig it in. Any suggestions on keeping it above ground or below grade and let the rain help fill it up? And is 40 gal big enough? Anyone have any thoughts?


Without a spring or a lot of rain its gonna get pretty nasty....id skip it


Yes. Thoughts, that is. If you put it below ground, when it rains silt and leaves will be in it. I would keep it at least six inches out of the ground. This is what the guys in arid parts of Texas do:

They put a water tote on a small platform away from the tub so gravity will keep it full. They paint the tote black to keep down algae growth.

They put a float valve in the tub so it cuts off when it's full. You can haul water to your tote and get a cheap pump to transfer water.

Place a small board with a weight on one end and the other end out of the water so you don't have a drowned coon or squirrel mucking up your water.

That's about all I can think of, but if you will search on TexasBowhunter.com you can find numerous threads, complete with pics. Good luck !

By: t-roy

Good points from drycreek.

Waters's not an issue where I live (except for my foodplots). I did dig out a low spot in the timber where there's usually standing water except in dry years. They do utilize it quite a bit. My experience with water quality is that the nastier it is, the better they seem to like it. I have a spring fed creek that runs through my entire property. The deer are never more than probably 300 yards at any one time from fresh, clean water, yet they will readily drink from any stagnant, nasty mud hole they can find.


In most of WI the deer will not tolerate an above ground water hole. Bury it a bit below flush with the sides and dish out around it an area larger than the tank. That will help water collect and it will actually hold more. Some will tell you the deer will get use to it if you don't bury it. The ones that live on your land may. But those travelers during the rut may or may not. It would suck to have a nice buck spook because he sees that big tank sitting on top of the ground.

By: OkieJ

Mines just sitting above and I see them drink out of it a lot. I can tell when its empty because there will be deer tracks around the big dog water tank in the yard. My tank is a plastic gold fish pond that a friend was throwing away.

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