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Hey guys im new here, this is my first post on this sight. i recently got 100 acres in licking county ohio and i am getting ready to start a couple food plots. i already have a couple small fields located in the center of my land that have some clover planted in them but its nothing to special, its just for bailing. I want to put at least 2 small plots back in my woods and maybe plant some soybean in one of my fields. the soybean would be next year but the plots i wanna do now. Whats the best variety of stuff to plant around my area? The center of my land is big and open hardwoods with tons of white oak, all the edges of it are pretty thick, and it has about 2 or 4 acres of pine woods that are pretty thick on one side of it. One whole side of my land borders a 60 acre clear cut that is insanely thick (to thick to crawl through). This land owner only gun hunts and he is about 80 so all he does is hunt a day or 2 he told me and shoot whatever he sees (hopefully not any of my big ones haha). What i am wandering is would you guys but a plot up to that thicket or place it more in between there and the hardwoods? Or should i put them just in a little behind the fields? Another thing is my land is not flat so im going to have to plant it on some sort of slope.


Can you post a sat photo of your land? That would be a big help.

By: W

Would you need to cut timber for a plot?


Access and prevailing windy is by far the most important aspect to plot location......if you can walk in and out without spooking deer and not alrert them when you are in there, you are set.


Thanks for the replys guys! I been putting in a ton of hours into researching and videos on food plots. I have a game plan so now all i do is carry it all out. Im going to go with the v shape in two and a long skinny triangle on one. Im going to put them at the backs of both fields about 30 yards in the woods with a thick barrier in between them and the fields and thick behind them. One will be about 40 yards from my property line but i am aloud on the neighboring property and it is a huge thicket and i think its where my bucks are living. SO i guess my main question is what would you plant for this time of year and my area?


If you are putting a kill plot tucked inside the timber (think staging area where the Bucks feel comfortable before they hit the larger field), you are going to be faced with a limited amount of sunlight.

I have had excellent luck with Grandpa Rays (Bowsite sponsor) overseed (3 clover varieties) clover in these small and shaded plots.

Do your soil testes and amend these small areas with PEL lime when you plant.



Kill shooting lane back in the woods, for the plot way out in the field.

The big guy doesn't like to come out in the light but he doesn't want the harem too far away when the lil guys are around.


Can you post a sat photo of your land? That would be a big help. x 2 with North up... I've 100 in Coshocton but the land is all wrong for center plots so almost all mine are on the edges - it may help the neighbor but I've brought him into a loose co-op so it should work.

Don't put GPS coords on your pic just crop it from google earth Pro...

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