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Last weekend had an old burned out plot tilled up to plant. Took what Pat showed us as his best preforming plot, so we planted iron clay peas,turnips and radishes.Around the edges broadcast some winafred and sunflowers. To screen the plot from approach planted a 10 yard wall of millet. Cant wait to see the results will post an update in 2 weeks or so when I get to southern Ohio , its 3 hours away.


How big is your plot?


Look forward to seeing it.


The plot is just over 1.5 acres. Cant wait to see it

By: Fisher

Please fill us in on the before condition, soil test, fertilizer, lime, weed kill, tillage, planting method, etc. Best wishes with the plot! Thanks!


Good luck !


The farm where this plot is I dont own. She wont let us use gly to kill weeds,so plot was tilled twice with a 6 ft tiller soil was real nice. We have planted buckwheat 2x to build soil,followed by oats and clover. Not too many years ago the soil was all sand and red clay not really good dirt. Now it is much richer kind of loamy from all the organic matter.Ph was just over 6 no lime added. Tractor supply had liquid food plot fertilizer on close out last fall applied it with a backpack sprayer.


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Finally made it to s. Ohio too see the plot. Wow is all I can say. 2 !/2 weeks since planted really coming on strong

By: wilbur

Agreed it looks great. It should explode over the next couple of weeks.

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