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I just found a success. These are my first chestnuts. 6 year old Chinese chestnut tree has 6-8 nuts. one of my 5 year old Dunstan chestnuts has 2 nuts on it. I guess it doesn't take much to get me excited this time of year.


That's great! My 6 year old gobbler sawtooth oaks, one has 3 nuts on it. I know the feeling. Congrats!


Have been trying to raise chestnuts for four or five years, would like to see a nut.


My five year old dunstan chestnuts are loaded for the there first time setting nuts this year.


looks great i have a few that are 4ft tall and some still in pots that were started this year.ten year old sawtooths are going to produce a bunch this year

By: Ace

If anyone gets any chestnuts they'd be willing to part with, I'd love to get a few to germinate and plant. I bought 10 Dunstan's Trees 2 years in a row and they all died within 3 years. This year I got 10 Eastern Chestnuts seedlings (from what has so far been disease resistant stock), and only 6 leafed out. Those 6 are doing well, but I'd love to get a few more going.


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Picked one of the three chestnuts today. The other two had opened and their nuts were gone. They remained on the tree . The husk has really sharp needles I am going to let it open naturally.

By: t-roy

Hopefully they’re fertile, Carl. I had a bunch of pods on a few trees this year as well as last year. The pods look normal, however, when they open, the nuts are shriveled up. I had one tree this year that produced (I’m assuming) fertile nuts that were filled out. Also had one tree last year that produced fertile nuts. My understanding is you need at least two flowering trees to cross pollinate to produce nuts. I have a mix of different age trees in a few different areas. I think it’s just going to take some time to get multiple flowering trees in the same area before they start producing fertile nuts consistently.


I observed that in our city park. Single tree was not fertilized. May take a while to get enough blooming.

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