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I just found a success. These are my first chestnuts. 6 year old Chinese chestnut tree has 6-8 nuts. one of my 5 year old Dunstan chestnuts has 2 nuts on it. I guess it doesn't take much to get me excited this time of year.


That's great! My 6 year old gobbler sawtooth oaks, one has 3 nuts on it. I know the feeling. Congrats!


Have been trying to raise chestnuts for four or five years, would like to see a nut.


My five year old dunstan chestnuts are loaded for the there first time setting nuts this year.


looks great i have a few that are 4ft tall and some still in pots that were started this year.ten year old sawtooths are going to produce a bunch this year

By: Ace

If anyone gets any chestnuts they'd be willing to part with, I'd love to get a few to germinate and plant. I bought 10 Dunstan's Trees 2 years in a row and they all died within 3 years. This year I got 10 Eastern Chestnuts seedlings (from what has so far been disease resistant stock), and only 6 leafed out. Those 6 are doing well, but I'd love to get a few more going.

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