1 acre cleared in 4 hours
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I needed to clean up a couple rocks on the side of my 3rd biggest food plot - Plot 2 which was 1 acre. I got a little carried away and now Plot 2 is a 2 acre food plot. The trees ranged in diameter from 10 - 18" and I popped at least 20 boulders with some about 5' in diameter. Only took four hours to clear and back-blade. I still have to clean up the roots and debris, and then grade it, but that won't be too difficult.

By: OkieJ

Looks good. Wish I had a dozer.


Looks like fun!


Check around. In Lewistown, MT the rental has two dozers and a ton of farming equipment.


Looks like great fun!


Tell the truth Pat, when you went for that first large tree and you pushed it right out of the ground it was like nothing else you've ever experienced, was it?

I was doing a job for a customer with my skid loader years ago and they had a mulberry weed tree in their old fence line which they asked if I could take out. I got under it and on the first try the back end of the loader went in the air so I reset it and then gave it the full throttle and it popped right out of the ground, roots and all. The guy looked at me and said, "WOW! That looked like fun!" I just smiled at him and replied..."Yes it is, and the best part is YOU'RE PAYING ME FOR IT!"

It's a guy thing...DEFINITELY a guy thing!


I wouldn't call it a guy thing. I had a buddy come to work one day all pissed off cause he just bought his wife her birthday present. She wanted a dozer to dig her a pond in the back yard.

Digging ponds and clearing land is her side job.


Much better midlife crisis purchase than a Harley or convertible.


You are making quite the dozer hand Pat. Be a good fall-back occupation if your security gig gets hacked by the Rooskies....

By: Swampy

For a midlife crisis you'll get more use out of the dozer then a Harley .


Aren't you glad you didn't get a front end loader.


The front end loader is on his 55 hp tractor.....Pat has more toys than Mattel......

By: Fuzzy


By: SteveB

Better mid-life crisis than a few others I can think of!


And WAAAAY cheaper than a divorce!

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