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Ben Farmer 07-Jul-17
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Was wanting to get some suggestions on what you would plant in the area going around the clover plot here in the pic?? I'm in SW PA. Was thinking of trying Grand pa rays "grains and greens" for this plot. Had a soil test done this spring and this fields PH was at 7.0

Thanks in advance!



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By: t-roy

Grains and greens or possibly look at his Frosty Delight.

By: r-man

cow peas ! don't need any other item

By: DL

In California it's illegal to make food plots to attract wildlife. To get around that you put the food plot inside a marijuana grow. That's legal.

By: XMan

I prefer blends. Australian Peas, winter oats or wheat, radish, and clover. Attracts them all season long.


2x Xman. Use rye grain instead of wheat, no clover. Add rape, turnip and kale very lightly to not shade everything out. That is what works as a blend for me. Good luck!


For fall plots, I like wheat or Elbon rye, with a few lbs. of Austrian winter peas in the mix. My deer ain't ever learned to eat brassicas.


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This is the grains and greens from grand pa rays I was thinking of planting

By: Bowman

I think that is a fine selection. Oats early, triticale lasts longer. John likes triticale better than rye and also better for spring regrowth. Rye after spring regrowth delays planting 3 weeks, exudates. Winfred stays green down to 5 degrees. Kale is high sugar. All from his Facebook live last night, members only.


What part of PA are you in? Im just curious because im originally from south west PA by Waynesburg.


Bowtech, I'm in the SW. About 45 min south of Pittsburgh.


Another vote for John's Frosty Delight. Last year we planted 4.5 acres in areas that the deer had wiped out. Was a huge draw and as a result are planting 7 acres of it this year on or about August 15th. Hopefully be able to time it right before a rain. Follow his planting and fertilizing instructions to a "T" and you will be very pleased.

PM me if I can be of help.


By: cthunt

Grains and greens worked great for me last year the deer hammered it ....


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I decided to go with the grains and greens around the clover this year. I think it is looking great so far. It was planted on August 5th.


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Deer seem to be liking it so far.


Looks great!

By: Novice

Awesome! Just planted some GRO products (Frosty Delight and Inner Sanctum) myself. Wish the seed bed looked as good as yours prior to planting. Well done.


I was debating on the grains and greens or the frosty delight. Let me know how it turns out.

By: MK111

I planted frosty delight on 8-16 and we didn't get the forecasted rain. Just couple light showers on bone dry soil. After 2 weeks had some sparse plants 1/4" high. Then got a light shower and more came up. Today after 17 days we are getting the Harvey left over rain so this should help. I'll check in a week and if not thick enough I'll top dress more seeds. My problem is flocks of turkeys eating everything. Two years ado I planted 90 lbs of oats and just used a cultepacker as we was getting 2" rain the next day. We didn't get a drop and the turkeys eat every kernel and never got a plant. This year I made a good drag and drug in the oats I planted yesterday. Worked good.

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