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No matter if your a newbie to food plotting or a seasoned veteran, everyone should identify their strengths and weaknesses. When I conduct seminars, I am always trying to provide a basic foundation as so many people skip the basics in favor for a magic bullet.

Here is some questions that I feel are very important. 1) Have you conducted a soil test on anything your going to plant? 2) Do you have a budget? If so, do you know what it should cost for seed and fertilizer for your planned seeds? 3) Do you know how to fertilize according to soil test results? 4) Do you know what is the proper planting depth for the seed your going to plant? 5) Do you have a good understanding of when is the best time to use glyphosate and other herbicides? 6) Do you know the difference between soil mining and balanced soils? 7) Do you know what forages grow best on your soils? 8) Do you know what grows best in your area? 9) Do you know the difference between coated seed and uncoated seed? 10) Do you know if the seeds your going to plant are inoculated? Are there growth promoters on it? 11) Do you know when is the best planting dates for your seeds? 12) Do you know the maturity date for the species that your planting? 13) Do you know how the forage your planting this year will affect what will grow next year?

All these are questions you should ask yourself. If you don't have enough answers to the questions, then your perhaps rolling the dice with your wildlife program.


Real good info, thanks nutritionist. gottoohunt


#14...Do you know that Uncle Ray sells seeds?


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I bet there are a lot of Farmers making a living without knowing all of that. LOL!

KISS principle. This book, get it, get started and you will be fine, JMHO.

By: t-roy

#15....Do you also know that "uncle" Ray is also a Bowsite sponsor?

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