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So many people use glyphosate for preplant burndown before planting fall brassicas and fall food plots. One many people overlook is mixing preemerge herbicides in tank mixes with glyphosate to give residual weed control. Here is some options.



Post emerge grass control, use clethodim. Remember it's best to always use foliar plant foods post emerge with any herbicide. You are stressing growing forages even though your not killing them but the selective weeds.


How much Prowl do you mix in your tank of glysophate when spraying ahead of fall plots? I use 2-3oz of glysophate, is there a % for Prowl ?


I need more knowledge in this area. So if I do an August burn down in my soybeans with Liberty Link, I can add Prowl, spray, and then drill my brassica mix right into the soybeans?

I was under the belief that by disturbing the soil surface after putting spraying a pre-emergent would decrease its effectiveness.


With a good clean seed bed and planting late July in my area, typically brassicas out compete other plants negating any need for chemicals after emergence.

Clean means turning well in advance, waiting for growth, spray Gly and wait a week. Turn again and plant immediately.

Then again, I like to minimize chemicals and also tolerate some "bio-diversity" in my plots.


I always defer for people to carefully read labels instead of relying on me to give recommendatons to protect myself.

Proper preplanting and planting techniques are overlooked by many. Use of growth promoters and foliar plant foods are things some of you see me post on alot and for good reason. Everyone overlooks whats below the ground when that is where it all starts.

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