Brassica shade tolerance?
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I am wondering about the shade tolerance of brassicas in general...rutabagas, turnips, radishes and rape in particular. I have close to a 1/2 mile (by 6'-10' wide) of old skidder trails that get 4-5 hours of sunlight that I am wanting to plant a fall and winter food source on. The trails have been in a white clover/winter rye mix for 2 to 4 years, depending on the trail. These trails get hit hard and I have been overseeding with WR and clover in late August early September. The trails lead to a 1/4 acre opening that was a staging area when it was logged 4 1/2 years ago. The 1/4 acre is planted in a red/white clover mix and is doing great. So thick and lush that it's hard to walk thru.

I did a little chainsaw work today to try and get a bit more sunlight to the trails. PH on the trails vary from 6.0 to 6.5 via 2 samples from each trail. I also applied 200# of pelletized lime to the trails this afternoon, ahead of rain forecast for late tomorrow on thru Friday.

Any input as to whether a brassica blend has a chance to grow in these conditions? Late August thru September, 2/3 of the trails will gradually pick up an additional hour or so of direct sunlight.


By: Ollie

If you have a lush stand of clover, why would you want to replace it? Brassica will be eaten by the deer primarily very late full. Clover is eaten year round except winter when it is dormant.


Not replacing the plot with the clover. Wanting to try something on the skidder trails running to the plot.


Many brassicas are shade tolerant but not all tolerate lower ph's which typically come with being in shady areas.

Anyone who has been on my website and has seen pictures on here, these are options.

Inner sanctum. It has rape as well as annual clovers and perennial clovers

Fall draw, that has annual clovers, bulbs, and both fast growing and cold tolerant brassicas. Many people have been good with it on field edges.

Lastly the grains and greens, that Pat had in his food review 2 years ago. That is pretty full proof and can tolerate shade as well as poorer soils.

But as people who follow me know, we want perennial clover blends like my mass builder to create scrapelines and then stage brassicas further away from the field edges.

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