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I have read that you should use crop oil with Clethodim. However, they say not to use crop oil with 24DB. I know that some guys have been spraying Cleth and 24DB at the same time. Thoughts?


Crop oil will make the 2,4-DB a bit hotter. You may get a bit more burning on the clover leaves, but they will recover.


I always spray cleth+crop oil from a fresh tank. I don't mix them. I realize some do but it's not really a big deal to spray two runs instead of one.why take the chance?

By: lewis

I mix them and never had a problem big enough to be of concern Lewis


Hmmm... I just tank mixed the cleth, crop oil, and 2-4,DB and sprayed two days ago. This was my first time doing it this way. The2-4,DB label said that tank mixing with other herbicides was no problem. I'm always interested in ways to work smarter and not harder.

This was the mix: 12 oz Cleth; 16 oz crop oil; 28 oz 2-4, DB; Per Acre on Whitetail Institute white clover


I just sprayed cleth/crop oil on clover 11 days ago and am just now seeing it starting to kill the grasses. Haven't tried the mix so can't comment there....

Spray away Tom!


By: pav

I don't mix either. Use Cleth + crop oil for grass, 2-4DB stand alone for weeds.

Like Pat said, why take the chance?

By: lewis

Elkstabber never had an issue been doing it for years just rather spray once instead of twice good luck sometimes it takes 2 to 4 weeks to see the clethodim working.Lewis


I'm kinda new to putting in food plots. Can someone explain to me what crop oil does when added to clethodim? Do I have to add it? I'll be going to my property this coming weekend and I want to spray to kill grass.Can I spray clethodim over chickory?

By: t-roy

It helps the herbicide better penetrate or absorb into the plant. It also can somewhat burn and break the surface tension on some plants. It's also referred to as a sticker, which helps the herbicide do just that.


Factory rat,

Crop oil allows the herbicide to stick to the surface of the plant. That's basically all it does. You can use dishwasher soap in a pinch.

To your second question, yes, clethodim is safe for chicory. Clethodim only affects grass, not broadleaf plants like chicory so you are fine. The only herbicide you can spray on chicory, to my knowledge, is Raptor but it is very expensive.


Thanks for the response guys.one more question is clethodim a brand name that I should be looking for or is that the type product itself. I'll probably be picking it up at tsc or farm and fleet just want to make sure I get the right thing

Pat Lefemine's Supporting Link

It goes by the brand names of arrow or dakota. I don't think either TSC or RK sells it. I buy mine online. Here's the link:

By: Moben

Arrest Max, has surfactant already added.

By: Ollie

Crop protection chemicals come with a label for a reason. They tell you how much to use, personal protection to use, whether you should add a surfactant, and what other crop protection chemicals they can be mixed/sprayed with. These instructions are written by professionals.

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