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By: puppy

Does the use of marking fluid with clethodim decrease its effectiveness? First time using it for grass in my clover plots and wanted to make sure get even coverage but don't want to reduce its effectiveness.

Thanks for the help.

By: Keef

What do you use as Marking Fluid? Never used it so I know nothing about it.

By: t-roy

I assume you're talking about sprayer dye. I've never used it, but that's what it's made for, so I'd think you should be fine.

By: Grubby

Let me know how it works, I'm either using this or adding foam markers. Way to many missed spots this year.


I tried it once and was damned if I could tell the differenc between sprayed and unsprayed. I watch tracks and overlap my spraying somewhat but misses will happen and it's not the end of the world


I tried it once very recently. I put in the recommended middle amount and could not see it that well. You will have to put in the high amount or higher to see it.

It turns all of your equipment that color and will temporarily stain anything it touches. If you are careful it is not really an issue.


I've never heard of indicator dye reducing the effectiveness of a chemical. If it did the use guide would mention it. I've read cleth guides and never saw any mention of this in the brand I use.



I've used quite a few pints and a pint goes a long ways. Not cheap, but if you wander woods and CRP looking for weeds, it's priceless. The stuff I get from the Cenex farm supply is made by Becker Underwood.

I use the red. Blue more or less disappears on a dark green weed which I found out the hard and expensive way. I have not tried the florescent yellow. I just checked the bottle and it does not list any components.

It has no effect on kill. I've sprayed 5 gallons in a back pack sprayer yesterday and today.

I have a darling weed called Houndstongue and it's prolific.

It keeps you from overspray if you are wandering a lot. It doesn't work in a big sprayer unless you have a foamer.


My experience mirrors Pat's. Used it until the container was empty and I could see it in the air but not on the plants. Never bought any more. Yep, sometimes I miss a spot or two.


Just watch your tracks and intentionally get a little overlap....works just fine for this wannabe farmer:)


By: t-roy

There's a couple of videos on YouTube of how to rig up a homemade foaming marker using a plastic gas can, a 12 volt cheapy air compressor, some tubing and a couple of water sprinkler can spouts. Kinda slick! Might have to try it on my sprayer this year.


I recommend people use my 9-4-9 whenever they spray any chemicals. It acts as sticker spreader/surfactant/tank cleaner and turned the color of spray darker.


John, just bought enough from you to spray 10 acres...looking forward to trying it out!

If mixing it with Glypho, do I not then need a surfactant (as long as the mix is correct)?



By: TD

I thought this thread was a whole different direction......

On the farm years ago we used spray planes for any liquid spraying...... I grew up being a flagger for the plane to mark his next pass. Sometimes you had to step it off but most times we had mainline pipe risers to count. Was fun really, watching that monster flair up, loop.... and come roaring down on ya.....

You folks have kids? Give em a broomstick and a white rag....... heheheheh.... might not be the same fun at 4 or 5 mph though.....


My experience with indicator dye is much the same as the previous comments. It works great for spot spraying with a backpack sprayer, but would be too costly to prepare a high enough concentration to be effective for broadcast spraying a large area.

By: OkieJ

Seen people use TP as markers here in the wheat fields.


I use it all the time. I like it best when spot spraying, but it's also helpful when flushing/cleaning herbicide from tanks. It really shows if you've missed thoroughly rinsing a tank, hose, nozzle, etc. I have blue, but I've had some premixed herbicide that already had red dye in it. I think the red shows-up better on green stuff than the blue dye. Either color helps to see just how wide a swath I'm spraying...even if some guys can't see it on the plant, it still shows up in the air.

By: r-man

foam can be a pain in the Ass , and dye can get costly , so shop around , I use dye near every time , no issues with anything I have sprayed . AG oil and blue dye work great together , makes a milky blue that cant be missed.


Do a search on the internet, you can find how to build a real cheap and easy foamer out of a 5 gallon gas can and a $20 air pump, I built one, works very good. Dyes are very messy.

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