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This year i'll have 30 blocks of forages in 10 foot wide by 100 foot long strips. Half of each strip will have conventional fertilization and the other half will include use of foliar plant foods. Every 30 days forage tests will be taken. A June 10th educational plot day will be held in the main educational plot.

Here is the list of forages in the trial this year. 4 types of alfalfa, ladino, alsike, medium red, white dutch, intermediate, balansa, jumbo, berseem, and crimson clovers. Forage oats, spring triticale, spring barley, forage peas, lablab, cowpeas, forage soybeans, trailing soybeans, eagle soybeans, real world soybeans, gro bean blend, cannamaize, leafy corn, pearl millet, japanese millet, sunn hemp, and buckwheat.

We will also have an organic educational plot in sw wisconsin, another educational plot in north central wisconsin and an educational plot in Pennsylvania. There also will be over 45 experimental plots across the US.

Look for pictures as Tuesday most of the seed will be in the ground.


Looking forward to this. Nice debate on campus right now about organic versus conventional farming. Some believe organic can have similar yields, but AD study says not. This should shed some light. Thanks.

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