Will Crossbow kill clover?
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I have a bunch of dogbane hemp in my main food plot areas. I killed with a gly-crossbow combo last year for my fall food plots and can do that again this year.

However, it has moved to my clover. Can I hit it with Crossbow and the clover survive? I've already hit the clover with a round of cleth & 24db to let it come out of the gate strong. But now the dogbane hemp.

Anyone ever eliminated it from a standing clover plot? Any suggestions?


You could always try spraying a little spot of your clover with Crossbow then wait a couple days. Most likely you will find it dying though. You may have to rely on mowing for weed suppression until it's time to reseed the plot


I believe Crossbow contains 2-4D and Triclopyre. Not good for clover. Check the label.


I'm pretty sure you have to refer to it as crossgun on this site.

By: TD

Geez, what kind of broadhead you planning on using????


If you have the crosshairs centered on the four leaf clover, with the stock tucked tight to your shoulder, the forearm resting on the window ledge of your permanent elevated blind, squeeze the trigger and send a mechanical broadhead attached to a bolt I don't see any reason why it wouldn't kill it


Buck, that would just be mowing.


crossbow is a herbicide designed to kill woody plants in pastures.................Try full rate gly, it will burn the clovers, but they usually come back. 2-4DB (Butrac) may also work without killing the clover

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