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Hi, we have a kuboata b2150 with a 3 pt hitch pto and we have an old alis chalmers one bottom trip plow. It has a weird spring hitch thing is what I think it is, just wondering if there is a way to hook it up to my kubota. THANKS


Growing up we had an AC trip plow. It used a d shaped clevice which bolted flat to the drawbar by the flat part of the D. The curved part of the D then engaged a spring loaded jaw on the plow. You could get a welding shop to make one for you.


not that I know of. Pretty sure AC plows were made specific for AC tractors.

By: jonl

A picture would help, AC made alot of them for a snap coupler system that hooked into a bell housing in the middle of the tractor, you had to take the draw bar off and hook the plow in. It was specific for AC tractors and equipment.

By: Kurt

If you google allis chalmers snap coupler plows you will see there attachment in action. Looks too specific and different to adapt to a 3 point hitch system.

By: Grubby

If it's snap coupler I'm sure you can sell it easily and find a different one better suited.

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