UTV 4x4's, ELECTRIC, which is best???
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By: Spanky

Ok, so it started with the Bad Boy Buggy, I think they are based on a EZ GO frame. I am looking to get a UTV 4x4 that's electric and have been doing some research on the company's sites that you'll see below. I want heavy-duty and my old golf cart is too light duty. I also have a diesel Gator BUT I just won't use it during hunting. So, I want heavy-duty & electric of course. The 3rd factor is PRICE!... With all that I'm weighing out, I THINK I like the Polaris EV Ranger the best because I can buy one new for $9,500. I am in the BEGINNING phase of research though and why I want to ask the non-biased, more knowledgeable folks like you- instead of going with sponsor or pro-staff advice which I personally think is crap. I like the STEALTH really well for example BUT it's like $12,000 new, obviously $2,500 more than the Polaris. I'm not super concerned with camo if it's $500 more, I don't park too close to my stands anyway. I couldn't find much on price for others. Basically, I have hilly land, drive 2 miles one way and 2 miles home to hunt & I have lots of farm chores & I'm hard on stuff. During season I throw a couple bows & backpacks in and that's about it. Who is the best, who has the best quality, durability, toughness, speed, getting through tough terrain & price???? Thanks a ton!

POLARIS: http://www.polarisindustries.com/en-us/ATV-RANGER/Mid-Size-Utility-Vehicles/RANGER-EV/pages/overview.aspx

HUNTVE: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&sqi=2&ved=0CCUQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.huntve.com%2F&ei=_mTMTrTiFI6UtwfLxc13&usg=AFQjCNFFG3CJ57hWWPOTXXpYWYtitTrhBQ

STEALTH: http://www.stealth4x4.com/

Bad Boy Buggy: http://www.badboybuggies.com/

By: Clutch

I heard BB is coming out with a diesel/electric cart-- go part of the way by diesel n sneak in the rest electric-- I have a BB older model n does all I want to do with it-- so the newer models r even stronger n better made--I think the D/E might be coming out x yr-- plus the diesel charges the batteries when running--


I own a Bad Boy and will tell you this. They have many different models. EZ-GO bought Bad Boy last year, and I believe they will make some improvements. I bought the XTO model. It is in no way a golf cart, it is it's own beast. The frame was totally designed from the ground up for hunting. It has totally independent suspension, and a very sturdy frame.

I had a Polaris 800 atv, and was worried that the bad boy would not out work it. I was totally wrong. It was the best money i've ever spent for hunting. I ended up selling the Polaris because it just sat in the garage.

The thing I like most about it is the weight. We had tornados come through here in April. I used the wench on the B.B. and yanked some very heavy logs out of the roads. I've also crawled over some very big obstacles. I have yet to find anything that will slow it down.

In short I've been totally impressed and satisfied with the Bad Boy. I'm going on the second hunting season with it, and I haven't had to fix anything or replace any batteries.


I had an older Bad Boy Buggie and it did reasonably well. Battery life was good, the ride absolutely sucked, slowly things began to break and fall off. I sold it to my buddy and it is still going strong, at least what is left of it. I next purchased the Ranger EV, I must of got a bad one because the battery life on that thing was terrible. It would be dead after an hour or so of easy riding, no hills or inclines. Needless to say it went back to the store immediately. However, it rode great and had a lot of great features. I am looking at the stealth 4x4 right now. I have not checked out the new BBB, I imagine they are better than the original model that I owned. I use the electrics for hunting only. I have a Ranger 6x6 for the heavy stuff and a few 4 wheelers for everything else.


I have a friend that is an outfitter here in NW Colorado that has a Polars electric UTV. That thing goes places I wouldn't even take my 500 Suzuki ATV. He took me for a ride up the mountains (not hills, but Mountains) and we rode around for several hours of really tough off road riding and still had 1/2 charge on the volt meter. It was a smooth ride and the only thing you could hear was the wheels rolling over the rocks. Virtually no transmission or gear noise. It is a new machine and it will be interesting to see how long it holds up. This guy is about as rough on equipment as you can possibly get! LOL!


I bought a used BBB a couple of months ago, '06 model. You're not going to break any speed records with it and you're not going to go on any trail rides, but I'm conviced for bowhunting/turkey hunting, it's the only way to fly. I shot a 140" 10pt last week and had hauled my stand, decoy, etc.. to the tree an 1 1/2hr prior. And, it was parked on the other side of the treeline 75 yards away. Wouldn't happen with a gas rig. Just had it in heavy mud this weekend, never missed a lick.

I think they advertise their speed and distance figures on pavement, downhill with a tailwind. I got about 8 miles on a charge on Sunday and had 2-3 bars left on the meter. But, that was in some pretty good mud.

If you have a herniated disc in your back, don't ride in one. It's pretty rough. I'm going to replace the shocks in mine to see if that helps.


I think they look nice and are probably good for flat terrain, but around here where i live in WV i wouldn't trust it to climb the mountains here on my place.

If they had the power and would keep a good charge then they may climb well, but for how long?


I've got the Polaris EV and I am extemely happy with it for my use.

I live on a half section (320 acres)of land and use it for yard work and going to and from tree stands.

In "high" range, battery life is not the best, but moves along at about 25 mph. In "max" range battery life is much better but speed is greatly reduced. (maybe 15-20 mph)

On "hilly" ground I don't know if you would get 10 miles in "high" range on a charge. In max range you could go a long ways.

The ONLY downside I can see to the ranger is it's battery life on a charge. For me it isn't an issue but for someone travelling greater distances it would be. I can pretty much spend most of the day on mine around the house without charging.


One note about battery life. You have to condition your batteries the first 20 or 30 charges. READ the owners manual and follow exactly. You will be amazed how long the battery life is, if you do that correctly.

By: Spanky

Great thoughts and advice so far!!! I have a 825 acre piece in Iowa. There are sure no mountains BUT I do have many STEEP hills, don't get too distracted thinking I'm in FLAT iowa. If I go to some of my stands, I have 1 mile along south border and then another mile or so to get up west side mid-way, so 2 miles of nice size hills, some mud, etc. 2 miles back. Would be very feasible to drive 4 miles (total there and back) in the AM & 4 miles for PM hunt= 8 miles a day obviously. All of these sound like no problem for that? Or it might sound from above like I may have to do some daily charges? 25 miles per hour is more than enough! The other thing, yes, like I originally said- I beat the piss outta stuff, whether it's going to fast to stand (running late), driving over crap, pushing it where it "could" get stuck, being stupid, etc. I just know I need something that isn't CHINSY and falls apart. If we're sticking with newer models, pry buy mine new or year/two old- I'm not hearing anyone saying to stay away from any particular NEWER model nor any major red flags with any (a few problems above). to SOME extent, it seems I'm looking at $9,500 for Polaris vs 12k for some others. Is the price of 9500 I was thrown out for the Polaris sound about right? (I think it said an MSRP of around 10500 but obviously they will work with you). And around 12k for something like Stealth or a newer BBB? Or is there a way to get a hard-core electric machine for around the price of the polaris. Love this feedback, appreciate more and thanks a ton, it's a big help!!!


I've had a BB but last year bought a 2WD called The Beast. Outstanding in my opinion. Total price was right at $7,000. Uses six eight volt instead of eight six volts so battery replacement is hundreds of dollars less. Hill climbing ability is outstanding. If you don't have mud, 2wd is fine. Hill climbing ability is outstanding.


I really like my 700 v-twin ATV 4X4

Bowfreak's Supporting Link

If I were simply looking for something to use for the manner you are describing I would ONLY consider an electric model. Given you have all the equipment for food plotting and whatever else you might need the EUTV is the way to go. I am not sure about specific models but if the Polaris Electric Ranger is half as good as my 570 you will love it! I would go check them out and see what you think. Also...if you want to get all the information you could ever dream of about Polaris Rangers check this link out.


A pair of boots is a lot cheaper.


I have had several and right now my choice is the 2wd Beast 48 with a winch.


I bought a new polaris ranger last year. My old one was 10 years old. In wv we have a lot of steep hills. I asked the dealer about the electric model. He had both available. He asked me what I would be using it for. I use mine for hunting, work , and maintaining my farm. I do haul a lot with it.

He told me he dosen't sell a lot of the electric ones here. Apparently the hills really drain the battery. He told me that if I was going to use it strictly to get to stands and back with it, that it would work fine as long as I kept it charged and watched my distance. He said if I was going to use it for work and hauling a lot he would not reccommend it. The combo of steep hills plus a lot of weight would drain the batteries too quickly to get more than 2-3 hours out of it.

I ended up with the gas model.


I've had the lifted golf cart - still have it.

a Bad boy buggy XT -

and now have a Polaris Ranger EV

the bad boy buggy was nice, but no where near as nice as the Ranger EV

the Ranger EV is the best electric in my opinion.


Whatever Model/Brand you decide on----for sure get a Solar Panel and put it on for using the Sun to keep it charged when not in use.

Good luck, Robb


I have the Beast also. Bought it used. I can run around on my 217 ac. running my traps, checking game cams, or hunting hogs at night and NEVER have I ran out of juice. I did have a battery post melt once, but if I had been inspecting them as I should have, I would have prevented that. Very good machine for what I do.


Polaris electric hands down. Previously had a bob and a ruff & tuff Polaris hadn't failed me yet two years with it in n Illinois very pleased

By: Dave

How many hours/miles can one get on these EUTV's? Can you get enough out of them to use them on a week-long hunt without any recharging(i.e. backcountry camping)? I bought gas because I can carry spare cans of gas to refill when I run out.


Any info on the diesel/electric one?


You would not be able to get a week hunt out of a charge. Unless it was flat terrain and mild temps I charge mine every nite but I have electricity at the farm. I'd say 10 miles of run time in average hill ground in Illinois in cold temps add mud to that and it would be less summer time it last a lot longer I love it for turkey hunting that where I use mine the most


Low range last longer also and you can change out to the maintenance free gel batteries they last longer but really expensive I just hate checking water in batteries all the time


I have a friend that bought a Stealth about 4 years ago...so far it has run great for him and I must say it has been a powerful useful machine but he was told they no longer are in business. Is this true? Could be tough to fix if something should go wrong.

By: Steve

Steve's embedded Photo

I love my Polaris EV. Last fall, my wife almost hit a cow elk coming out of her tree stand! I have found the range to be about 15-20 miles, depending on how much I am climbing, the temp and how much mud I am going through. The power is great and we even use it for fencing in the summer. It is only for the fair-weather months...I have normal Ranger for winter. The major drawback is that I am constantly looking at the gauge thinking I am going to run out of juice. I have only owned it for a year, but I have yet to have a problem with it.



Woody, I've been wondering where in hell you were ? You haven't posted much on here lately. At least the threads I've read. C'mon , you been in another dimension, ain't you ?

By: Box

I would guess if you bought an electric one for the silence in reaching your stands you would quickly start using it for small work jobs because of the convenience of not having the crank up your tractor. Then you would wish you had more power and longevity that would be a benefit of gas power. So as long as you were really sure what you would be using it for, you could use those requirements to determine what to buy.

kellyharris's Supporting Link

I think this would be much cheaper? And you would have no issues with power or loss of power in the field?

I have seen atv with them and they really quiet down the sound a lot!



$350.00 is much better on the wallet!

By: Spanky

I got an EV. Some of my different family members have 4 gas modeled Polaris UTV's and have nothing but problems with them. The EV is a little better. Polaris simply, in my opinion, doesn't make a very good quality product.... Most everything on them is cheap, breaks easily, falls apart, etc and they stick it to you with the price of every little accessory & part - that's my opinion & experience. The gas UTV's sound like the engine is going to explode when you rev the RPM's - i've seen everything from blown engines to wrecked transmissions to everything falling apart with a 70 year old man behind the wheel (grandpa) as he continues to buy em simply because that's the only dealer by his house.

On the EV side..... Now I have 2 years worth of experience. Same problem with things being cheap.... Ok, I can fix the little things but it sucks. Things like them putting on the cheapest garbage Carlisle tires or whatever, I just deal with it as I have them repaired at my local goodyear farm tire store (and they laugh at how cheap & crummy they are) & because Polaris won't stand behind the UTV if I put different tires on (EV model), I'm stuck with the worst, cheapest tires Polaris could get. THE IMPORTANT PART ON EV.... Battery life. I live in IOWA. We're not talking mountains here. In warm weather on lightly rolling hills, I'd say I can get 7-10 miles on a charge. Now, I use it fairly regularly late season & all year (it now has about 100 hours & batteries are perfectly maintained). When it hits 20 degrees out or less and I want to late ML hunt with it & drive around my farm (a lot on road) to get around to other side - I maybe can get 2 miles out of it, 3 at best. I've had to tow it in at least half a dozen times when it shut down before returning. The only truly viable solution I see is buying the Lithiums for it. There is a kit out there AGAIN that will enhance things immensely. It's $5k. If you compare that to upgrading to a hybrid UTV, it's really not that big of a jump so keep that in mind. $5k sucks and most people will laugh at the thought but it's not as bad if you really think about all the costs, how much it does change things and what the extra cost of a hybrid is. Polaris EV with Lithium's would be a decent choice.... You would have excellent range with a fairly crappy product BUT as long as you can stand replacing & upgrading cheap parts of the Polaris, it's not a bad combo at the end of the day. On the flip side, I'd say no way would I get a Polaris without the lithiums if I was late season hunting, don't do it. Unless you own 100 acres or less or something. I also will again echo, if it's quality you're after, Polaris is not the way to go. We have a million times better success for farm use with Gators, etc. I honestly can't believe how many people buy Polaris & think it's a good quality product. Especially when you have some new JD Gators for several years & models. I honestly can't believe Polaris is still in business. But, that's my 2 cents and long rant. Ups & downs to EVERYTHING.


"It looked like it was made from dollar store parts and the Barack tires were almost flat."

Spending too much time in the CF? :)


I love the concept of electric vehicles but have learned that they can be an expensive alternative to gas. They depend on basically two parts - the motor and the controller. When those go out they don't repair them, they replace them and believe me, neither are cheap. IMO, the industry to date has basically put lift kits on vehicles designed for cultivated turf on the golf course and they won't hold up under prolonged conditions in the field.

By: jimmat

How long did your batteries last before needing replacing? What to replace them with? I am looking at buying one but the batteries are pretty much done. Thanks

By: Milbay
Milbay's Supporting Link

In Australia we have a new electric UTV available. Milbay MB-572UTV is 72 Volt 5kW nominal BLDC with LFP (LiFePO4) custom battery system. Our UTV outperforms most petrol models for power and climbing. Top speed 40 km/h. Driving at top speed or at full power off road the travels 40 - 45 KM per charge. Battery system is 5 - 10 years life expectancy. Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW1fE1SqsQI

More info and specs on the Milbay Australia website at http://www.milbay.com.au/CustomerViews/UTV. Note : any prices shown are in Australian Dollars and include local Australian taxes, if not in Australia then contact Milbay for a delivered price.


I wonder if a guy could mount a harbor freight solar pannel charge or two on the top and the back of the cab if that thing so its always charged up.



I know this thread goes way back but I think its good one so I wanted to update it with new info. So we have 4 Polaris EV's 2014-2016 and 1 new 2017 Textron Recoil IS (previously Bad Boy Buggies) and can provide a in-depth comparison.

Polaris EV Based on the proven gas midsize Ranger which they sell 1000's of units annually which allows for super competitive pricing and in most cases well under prices of competitive vehicles. These machines have good range for electrics and can traverse very steep and rugged terrain. Arguably the best ride and off road capability (if you change crappy oem tires) of any UTV period. These units make great hunting rigs and also feel at home on the farm. You can expect 6-25 miles range depending on outside temp and severity of hills etc. These units are quiet but not as quiet as the Recoil IS due to some motor and driveline noise, and fair build quality. Noise level is not terrible but its definitely louder than the Recoil IS. Reliability overall has been fairly good except for a few issues. We did replace the following components on the 5 units. 1 controller, 1 set of batteries, 1 front axle, 1 parking brake component and 1 unit had to have brakes bled as they stopped working. Most were replace under the 6th month warranty. Build quality is not up to par with other manufactures like Honda and Yamaha etc but those companies don't build a equivalent vehicle either. Some items on the EV feel junky, squeaky, loose, weak, cheap, or just of poor quality overall. This is considering our 5 machines all with under 200 hours. These machines are stable on side hills, have great power, good range and are probably the all around best option for most people due to size, features, and capability. The 4x4 system does work ok but comes with some weaknesses. It does do well going up very steep hills but... To us its more complicated than needed. The system tries to look for wheel spin then engage 4x4. The problem with this is two fold. Going up hill you will tear the ground up more than say a conventional fully locked 4x4 system. Also, when going down hill the system does not sense wheel slippage so you will only be in 2 wheel drive which coupled with the strong engine braking you can loose traction / control if going too fast. The back end will loose traction thus putting you into a spin. Ask us how we know this. LOL The solution is to lightly use the brakes so all 4 wheels gradually reduce your speed maintaining good traction and control. To do this you need to put the machine either in max range or high so that engine braking is limited. The other downside is the Polaris tends to overheat in warmer weather which is a real pain. You can add a motor fan that helps but it must be turned on right when you start or you will not see a benefit from it. In review the EV does perform well and gets the job done, reliability is decent but build quality is definitely not Polaris's strong suit and this goes for all the units we have owned. If Polaris could resolve the overheating issue and improve the product quality a bit this would be by far the best of any electric UTV. Either way its still our favorite electric over golf carts and the Recoil for a general purpose UTV.

The Recoil IS is a more dedicated hunting rig. It rides almost as good as the EV and is a decent amount quieter due to very very little motor and driveline noise. Its put together much more solid than the EV. Every component seems to have some thought put into it as far as noises go resulting in a very quiet hunting rig. Its pretty comfortable and rides nice. Overall it feels smaller than the EV and is a little more narrow. Only 2 up front on this one where the EV can handle 3 average size fellas. But the Recoil has a rear seat so you could carry 4 people if needed. So far we have not had a single issue with the Recoil with a overall quality and solidness level thats improved over the EV. This machine also has really good range like the EV and could even be slightly better. One big plus for the recoil is that we CANNOT make it overheat. No matter how hard we push it in the hottest weather it just will not run hot. Now for the big negative. So apparently this is designed into the Recoil as I have found several post on this going all the way back to 2007. For some reason Textron / Bad Boy has designed this machine to apply way more power to the front tires than the rear. The interesting part is it actually has two motors and two controllers so you would think they would balance the power better. Maybe its a issue turning the UTV or range but not sure???? So what happens is when you go up steep embankments the front tires will spin and spin but its impossible to get the rear to spin as there is very little power supplied to them. If your in mud on flat ground we do see some rear tire spin but its limited. On steep inclines most of the weight goes to the rear tires and they simply have not where near the power to push the vehicle up a hill. This equated to very poor uphill traction so if you have steep hills you need to stay away from this machine. I have written into Textron so waiting for a response now. If I wanted a dedicated hunting rig then this is the machine I would want provided I had flat ground with light to medium hills and limited mud. Basically these will perform only slightly better than a golf cart with aggressive tires.

So there you have it. The best review I can provide and hope this helps someone decide. I for one love electric UTVs and always will. Nothing is better suited for general hunting, enjoying wildlife, or just being able to have a relaxing conversation while riding around. I've had and tested several machines from lifted golf carts to all out dedicated UTV's and look forward to future products as manufactures keep improving them.

By: APauls

Those ATV silencers at the link only take like 10% of the noise out.


By the way I forgot to mention that the Bad Boy does include a battery water fill device but does not include a built in charger so you have to carry it around which sucks. Just food for thought.


Think it really matters electric or gas? They still hear the vehicle either way. I have a huge ridge to climb. You wouldn't be able to climb this hill without sweat dripping by the time you got to the top. My theory is that whatever deer I spook with the quad is better than me spooking them on foot. At least with the quad there may be a chance the deer come back I use my 570 polaris. Deer really don't seem to mind. I have trail cam photos that deer were there 2 hours after we left. I hunt farm areas where 4 wheelers are being ran all over. Hope it doesn't matter just bought a 2017 570 for hunting. I'll know more at the end of this year's season.


I can only comment about how atv noise/ intrusion...I hunt a tree farm lease,350 acres..my buddy takes an act,hour before sunrise,as he rides in ,i sit backwards on the rear rack..he passes my area I simply step off and walk to my spot ,he never slows ,stops ,talk ect,.I've seen MANY deer cross,walk right where we weren hour prior,,and just the same I've heard his a tv at 1130 am coming,,have watched bucks,throw up an ear,,but never move till hes within 50 yards..guess they react to noise as there daily routine dictates....

By: Redman
Redman's Supporting Link

I just bought the Intimidator XD4 Electric, it's awesome. Check out the You tube review that Jon Brunson does on it.

By: Redman

Redman's embedded Photo

The only downside is price!

By: XMan

I use the muffler silencer on my Honda Rincon, they definitely work and take the loud noise out of my ATV. However, It's not even close to an electric vehicle, still can hear it coming just not nearly as loud with the grumbling and whining of the muffler.


Hey Redman how’s the intimidator doing?


WATER? If you have to cross any sort of water then electric is not for you. You can thank me later.

By: Redman

Intimidator has been awesome, no disappointments.


I checked the charge on my electric EZGo Beast today. It was 19* here this morning with a high of 33* and it was right where I left it a week ago....topped out. Now I know that's not real cold like you northern guys experience, but it's pretty damn cold for us. I've never seen any change in 20* up to 100* except at low temps your face freezes when it's moving. EVs won't work for everyone, but I wouldn't be without mine. I have literally driven up on hogs and deer until they were less than 100' away. Killed several hogs that way, especially at night, as that's about the only time they let their guard down.


Definitely electric has it's place if you have land to hunt or ranch/farm to do chores on. I've had electric buggys i've converted to hunting vechicles and i have owed a new polaris ranger EV. I put 700 hours on the EV and it had constant issues. The onboard Delta-Q charger is nice but I had to change the algorithm to reduce charger amp output. The charging wires, connectors, fuses and components were good for 15 amps and the charger was charging at 18 amps. I changed wires, MPC connectors, bigger fuse holders, etc. Finally got it going and it is a beast. The problem is polaris is converting a 48V DC system into an A.C. motor. All kinds of expensive issue happen with converters, and circuit boards that are VERY EXPENSIVE! Next, done of the dealers know how to interpret or even read the diagnostic readouts. They simply can't even honor warrantee because they have NO experience or knowledge on how to fix issues. They just start replacing parts. Polaris has one of the worse warranty periods of any UTV vehicle in the market. So, when these parts are being replaced because the mechanic has no idea how to diagnose the problem, it's at your expense! I learned to do most fixes on mine but it got to where the electronics and converters were issues. I traded it in on another Mule. I think electric is great, however, stay with a total D.C. system and wait until the battery technology gets more affordable...im talking lithium Ion systems. It's getting there, so be patient! Matt


I have a gas powered gator for our land which is a beast and we use it for everything from our horses, spraying food plots, to getting deer out of the woods. Truth is my wife uses it more than me for the horses. I cant imagine an electric will ever be able to replace it. I have been wondering if a fat tire electric bike would be the way to go for hunting? Any experience out there? Our land is very steep and it is Vermont so its -21 this morning. Probably wouldn’t ride the bike today anyway.......

By: shiloh

I was gonna say get Lithium Ion, but affordable is a problem with that route. I think it would be fine if you had a garage to park it in that was conditioned, but otherwise, where Pat is located, electric would be a no go for me. I have had electric since 2002, but I live in Ms and you just have to learn, that no matter what, THEY ARE NOT LIKE A GAS POWERED MACHINE!!! You don't have a lot of the maintenance of gas bikes, but you still have connections and battery water to keep up, and if you don't, you got problems all the time. They have their place, but I don't think NY winters are for electric carts.

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