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A buddy of mine got a big bag of turnip seed earlier this spring when he was fishing with another guy who was a seed dealer. I want to plant it this fall for a food plot. My buddy was told that it should be planted late August or early September. He was also told that you simply disk up a seed bed and broadcast the seed and use a drag to lightly cover the seed. The actual bag of seed has no directions for planting. Just trying to make sure that we plant these turnips at the right time and in the right way. Tell me if the info I have is right or wrong. Thanks. Dan


Well, preferably you would have sprayed a good glyphosate weed killer(41%) 2-3 weeks ago, then disk and smooth the ground......since it sounds like you did not...just disk it so all the clumps are smoothed out and the bed is firm, I'd plant about 2 1/2 lbs per half acre......either just roll it in to the bed or leave it on top and let the rains take it down....do not cover more than 1/4 inch.....use a good 13-13-13 fertilizer at the rate of 150lbs per 1/2 acre or so......Jeff


turnips shouold have been planted late july ( 25th of July ,wet or dry !!!!) or early august

But hey ........ nuthin from nuthin is nuthin ........ plant em !!! ........ depending on the weather this fall they may still do OK ........ you will definitely get greens , not sure if you will get turnips


Actually, what I plan to do is to disk up the parts of the corn food plot we have planted that has already been anihilated by deer and plant the turnips. I did roundup the corn earlier in the summer and there are no weeds at this point. The corn was fertilized pretty heavily for a food plot ... I think the bill was $700.00 + for a 10 acre food plot. What do you guys think??? If it is ok to to just broadcast the seed I will do that and skip the dragging altogether. Dan

By: Storm

Not sure what kind of Turnips you have or what part of the country you are in; howeever, here are some comments ...

- As above, you should've planted by Aug 1st if possible in the northern 1/3 of the US. Mine were planted July 21st and the leaves are 18" plus inches with the stems just starting to bulge.

- Disk your ground good and then run your drag over it.

- You can then use a hand spreader to broadcast the turnips. Then just run a roller over them to press them into the soil. No need to run the drag as you may cover them up too much. Normally you plant the seed to 4 times it's diameter in a firm soil bed.

- Plant turnips 3-4 lbs per acre. I add 2 lbs of Rape and 2 lbs of Red Clover.

Then pray for rain and some warm sunny days for the next 60-75 days.


I planted purple top turnips the end of July and begginning of august. Some of the tops are turning brown and starting to die. Is there something that I can do to bring them back. Thanks


Just planted 3 acres of turnips and rapeseed, 4 acres of clover, 1 acre of small burnet and drought mix, and 1/2 acre of chickory all on the 14th of August in S. Ohio.

Planted the same seeds last year at another location in the same area with very good results.


i know someone who planted turnips and the deer absolutely tore the place up.only problem it was always at night.by the time the real cold weather came they were all gone.you can plant any kind of food plot you want.give em mineral licks ect,and when the rut comes along they can end up just about anywhere.i know of a guy who had vidieo of a huge buck for three or four years in a row.opening of deer season a 16 yr. old shot it about 200 yds. off his property.


Based on what I am hearing on the timing thing do you think I should just store the seed and try to plant it next year in mid July??? If it is most likey not going to work out I don't see a lot of point to planting this year. Thanks for the input so far. Let me know whether you guys with experience think it is worth planting this late. Dan



There are a lot of other options you can expore if you still want to put a plot in. Wheat, brassica etc.

By: Storm

bohuntr ... what part of the country are you in?


Plant the dang things this weekend and be done with it.


I planted turnips two years ago during the first weekend of September in the Illinois River bottoms and they couldn't have turned out any better. I think the August 14th date might be if they are planted for human consumption. I believe it is better to plant them later for deer food. The deer ate everything including the actual turnip around Christmas that year. That field was torn up. I killed two does out of it in October. The floods last year wiped everything out but I planted more this year (Aug. 30th). Just get them in the ground ASAP and I believe you'll be just fine. You don't have to do much prep work with them they come up pretty easily.


mid september is actually the PERFECT time to plant oats !!!!! ........ late september /early october for wheat

By: Storm

bohuntr ... Go a head and plant the turnips. The deer will graze the forage tops and if you get lucky with the weather, you should get some bulb growth. I would also plant some other stuff as mentioned above such as winter wheat, rape, and red clover.


I planted mid-august and they came up great. Check the properties section in DeerBuilder to see the results.


I always go by ---Plant em July 25 wet or dry pick em in October drunk or sober


Is there a way to tell if the deer are drunk or sober.

By: Shawn

I am in NY and I have planted turnips, beets as late as August 27th and they did very well. I just disked and hand seeded and they covered with a drag(chain link fence) and they grew well. The only thing I did was add some triple 15 when I disked the ground. We did not have a hard frost til late Oct that year and the deer hammered them late in the season. I agree ya should try and get them in by early august but for free seed give it a go. Shawn


I would think a few days wouldn't make that much difference, but I wouldn't plant a whole field of turnips. What if the deer don't like them ? Mine won't eat them. I'd be planting two or three things in ten acres and that may be what you intend, but it doesn't show from your posts. Good luck !


I planted my brassicas in July but my property is in the UP of MI. I have broadcast additional brassicas into that plot after the initial planting. My understanding is that brassicas go in earlier in the north due to the reduced growing season with brassicas needing more time to mature. My fall grain mix, with some radishes and clover, went in the ground this past weekend. I will broadcast more winter rye into some areas into September to give different age of growth.

When in doubt, plant the stuff IMHO.

By: MK111

The deer here needed 2 years before eating the bulbs. IMHO deer need to learn to eat and like new plants. Turnips is my yearly planting. Planted 1 ac of turnip-radish mix last week.


turnip seed goes a long way so don't plant too thick.You are fine to plant now but I would thin down and plant something with them as alot of deer won't eat them

By: 1boonr

I plant mine mid to late august in north central Illinois and they always do fine, winter wheat is great and cheap. plant it in early October 180buckhunter- turnips are brassicas


I planted Eagle Seed's Broadside on Sep. 17 last year in Western WV and had 3 acres of 24" greens plus winter wheat and kale by late October with turnips & radishes that were gigantic. Plant it and add a top dressing of 100 lbs 15-15-15 about 4-5 weeks in. They'll be fine.

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