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TightSpot Quivers 10% lighter in 2012


The premium TightSpot Quiver fits tight to your bow which dramatically reduces torque and provides better bow balance. No longer will you need to remove your quiver while hunting. In fact, because TightSpot acts as a stabilizer, you’ll shoot better with your TightSpot Quiver on than you ever did with your old quiver off!

For 2012, TightSpot is now over 10% lighter, weighing a mere 10.05 ounces. That’s saying a lot given how lightweight it was before. Also new for 2012 is an optional bracket which allows ample spacing for use with a "moveable", dial or slider, bow sight.

The TightSpot quiver is also quiet. It stops vibration four ways including with its ultra long "wheelbase" which leaves little arrow to vibrate. TightSpot’s adjustable Arrow Wedge Gripper system gives you up to 20 times the arrow gripping power of other quivers. It will hold any hunting arrow including the new ultra small diameter arrows. An extra deep hood keeps broadheads covered and expendables from opening. You also get sure-handed quiver removal and a virtually unbreakable hood.

TightSpot Quivers are available in eight camos/colors and come with an Iron Clad Guarantee which offers no-cost repair or replacement to the original owner. It is also made in the USA.

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Bowsite Notes:

I was introduced to TightSpot Quivers in 2010 and they are, without a doubt, the very best quiver I have ever owned. It was light already (it's even lighter now) and it is so functional with so many adjustments that I couldn't believe a quiver could be so functional and yet still fit so well on my Bow. Buy a couple of extra brackets and you will have a quiver that you can use on all your bows - for life! Website

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