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Simplify and enhance your European mounts with the Skull Hooker

European mounts have gained in popularity over the past several years.  For sure they are economical, but also a nice complement to a room full of shoulder mounts. The downside, for some, is the presentation of the head. Hanging a European mount with a simple nail protrudes the horns and antlers into a downward or fighting position. A traditional option is the wood plaque which dominates the skull in a fixed position that requires time spent drilling and gluing skulls. The Skull Hooker Team has introduced a fully adjustable and professionally finished European Skull Mounting Bracket. These stylish brackets streamline the presentation and allow the hunter to adjust and customize the angle of the skull to an upright and natural position.  There are two sizes of Skull Hooker Brackets available designed to fit most every game species worldwide. Skull Hooker brackets are strong. They are made of steel and are offered in two powder coated colors (Graphite Black and Robust Brown) sure to complement the decor of any home or business. Skull Hooker brackets do not require any drilling into the skull by use of its patent pending prong design that fits securely into the back of the skull. Take a look at the Skull Hooker brackets at: and get you head on righttm!!!

Bowsite Notes:

More hunters are turning to European Mounts - not just for their functionality, but because a well cared for Euro Mount is gorgeous. Skull Hooker can now take your Euro mount to the next level with these innovative, beautiful, and functional Skull hanging brackets. You can turn these brackets at any angle (right and left) and you can simply pop your skull off to hand them to your buddies for fondling. Anyone with a Euro mount needs to buy Skull Hookers and display those horns the right way!

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