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VPA's New Single Bevel Broadhead!

VPA is adding several new products to their 2012 catalog of precision machined archery products. A new single bevel sharpened two blade line has several unique features and was designed with dangerous and other big game in mind.  The offset and angled blades, along with a ferrule that extends the full length of the head, creates a unique split point drill-like tip. The design provides deep penetration and promotes the twisting, bone splitting action which may be required to make the hunt a success. The initial offering is in 325gr with lighter models to follow later this summer. Several other models have also been added to existing VPA broadhead lines. A 125gr vented 3 blade and a 125gr vented 2 blade.


To top off the new releases VPA is introducing a take-down bow. It will be based on a 13" machined riser and ILF recurve and/or longbow limbs. Available through the VPA Custom Shop as riser only or a complete bow built to order.



Bowsite Notes:

VPA has been getting some rave reviews on Bowsite. In fact this visitor just hunted water buffalo in Australia where he arrowed a charging bull - on film! These are Tough broadheads!


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