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Heads Up Decoys

The Heads Up Decoy may just be the best, and most versatile archery hunting decoy that you never heard of!

The words simple, realistic, versatile, effective, portable, durable, collapsible, and quiet describe the Heads Up Decoy. These lightweight decoys give your prey the confidence to get close and give you those last few yards. You can hold it separately or you can attach it to your bow and shoot with it on!

Most importantly it is a FUN way to hunt!

Antelope Buck Whitetail Doe Cow Elk

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Bowsite Notes:

These lightweight and ultra portable decoys are a must have for elk hunters who call bulls that often hang up - or those that accept the challenge of spotting and stalking bucks during the rut, pronghorns, and mulies. Check out the video above - they work great!

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