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Elk Mountain Gear's Moo Cow Decoy Slip



Elk Mountain Gear, makers of the popular "Slip System" decoys and shoot over hides has a new addition to their lineup. The Moo Cow is a non-threatening "feeding in" position which is great for stalking animals that graze among livestock. It's perfect for making a natural approach so you can close in for the shot.

The Elk Mountain SLIP System can be used for bow hunting, wildlife photography, backcountry trekking, or whatever and wherever your passion lies. Easily converting into an adjustable, carbon fiber trekking pole, the SLIP System will also help get you there, and back!

The Moo Cow is interchangeable with Elk Mountain Gear's other Slip System covers so you can easily change to a Cow Elk, Turkey, Whitetail, Goose, or natural background in seconds.

Bowsite Notes:

Judging by the feedback on Bowsite it's obvious that the system works wonders in many conditions. It is inexpensive and a great concept for concealing that final approach. Anyone who's ever watched Jeremiah Johnson remembers how they used the horse to close the distance on a feeding elk. Same concept here, only you don't have to worry wether the horse will cooperate! Check out the testimonials and trophy photos on the site and see for yourself!

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