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Code Blue's No-Freeze - EliminX® Xtreme™ with Silver-Zyme™ Technology

Freezing temperatures can render scent elimination sprays useless, but the no-freeze formulation of EliminX Xtreme with Silver-Zyme keeps you covered from head to toe. Silver-Zyme combines nano-silver and enzyme technology to form a solution that eliminates bacteria and foreign odors. Liquids freeze quickly during icy conditions but EliminX Xtreme provides 360°, deep penetrating coverage for your clothes and gear all the way down to zero degrees.

According to Code Blue's Mike Mattly, “Extreme hunters demand products that perform in extreme conditions and the new no-freeze formula does just that.”

In addition to EliminX Xtreme with Silver-Zyme, Code Blue provides a full line of urines, attractants and personal scent management products. For more information on Code Blue Products go to, or call our customer line: 251-368-4089




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