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2 New Summit Vipers Weigh 20% Less

Viper Elite SD Viper Specialist





Summit Treestands has been the leader in the climbing treestand market since 1981.  For most of that time the Viper has been our #1 seller.  Last year we made them quieter with the introduction of the Dead Metal Sound Dampening Technology.  This year we have put it all together for the greatest versions of Viper: The Viper Elite SD (closed front) and The Viper Specialists SD (open front).

The foundation for both additions to the Viper family is noticed at first glance…the round tubing.  This high tech aluminum tubing gives tremendous strength to the new Vipers, while also shedding a few pounds…4 pounds to be exact!

Other new features found on both the Elite SD and Specialist SD are newly designed platform slats and a comfortable mesh/foam “hammock style” seat.

Specs: Viper Elite SD-closed front climbing stand 16 pounds, padded arm rests/rail in Realtree AP, Rapid Climb stirrups, QuickDraw, back pack straps, 250 lb max weight limit. MSRP-$329.99

Specs: Viper Specialist SD-open front climbing stand 14 pounds, padded armrest/rail in Realtree AP, Rapid Climb stirrups, QuickDraw, back pack straps, 250 lb max weight limit.  MSRP-$299.99

About Summit: Summit is a leading manufacturer of premium-quality, high-performance treestands, safety straps, and ground blinds. Founded by John Woller, Sr. in 1981, the company combines a passion for engineering and hunting, which clearly shows in the design elegance and in-field functionality of all their products. Summit holds over a dozen patents and has consistently led the industry with new innovations, comfort, and convenience features. Summit has been part of PRADCO Outdoor, a division of EBSCO Industries, since 2002.



Bowsite Notes:

We've been using Summit Vipers for years and they are very unpopular with the deer around these parts! I got a chance to see the new lightweight and sound dampened viper and my only concern was what I was going to do with my existing stands! This is by far the lightest and quietest stand I have used in several years and Summit has taken a great stand and made it simply magnificent. Go to your nearest box store or pro shop and check them out for yourself. I think you'll have a hard time leaving the store without one...

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