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Scoutlook® Weather DeerLog


ScoutLook® Weather DeerLog App is the ultimate Weather & Deer Management/Planning tool for Deer Hunters.  This app merges world class Weather, Wind Mapping, Solunar Times, Tides & Moon, Hourly Barometric changes, and a sensational Deer Log ALL in one app!  


DeerLog automatically captures time, date, gps location, weather details, wind and moon info at time of sighting and enables real time deer logging in drop downs with NO TYPING!  Review logs on phone or PC since data synchs with FREE account at  Automatically tracks buck to doe ratio's and buck age structure by stand or property!  Sort logs by all data fields to see what works, when and why, or export to Excel for further use.  It's a Deer Log like nothing you've ever seen!

Hunting Clubs, Outfitters & Landowners - Create personalized access codes so all hunters on your land can log all sightings & conditions at every stand to your private log database. Monitor your deer herd and hunting activity on your land, and know what conditions work best all stands with this user friendly, intuitive and powerful tool. 


ScentCone Wind Map displays speed and direction at your hunting locations for 72 hours!

ScoutMarX saves key locations in the field: Scrapes, Rubs, Bedding, Food, Water Holes, Blood-Trails, Camera sites, Feeder/Attractant sites, Trail Crossings, Topographic pinch points, parking areas etc: all pinned to the satellite map for later reference, weather or wind checks, or logging of Deer! is the ONLY major weather website that is owned and operated solely by hunters!  Scoutlook is a FREE online service providing pinpoint, map-based weather details, wind map tools, solunar times, lunar phase, tides, hourly barometric changes, and a log book to help hunters to decide where, when and how best to hunt or fish.  Login from your App or online and get all you need to know, from one resource, before you head out! 

DeerLog App User Interface
Simple, intuitive, modern user interface.
Highly contrasting colors for excellent visibility in direct sunlight.

Weather Details:

  • Save Favorite Hunting locations/stands on your personal ScoutMaps Page and to My Locations List (anywhere in USA)
  • All locations saved on App also saves to your FREE online account at, and vice versa from website to app!
  • Get Current Conditions, Hourly 72, 7 Day & RADAR at your exact location
  • Solunar Times and Lunar Position in Every forecast
  • Tides in every forecast along the Coastal US.
  • Barometric Pressure Change forecasted every hour (Deer move accordingly)
  • DriftPoint Wind Map - "See the wind" forecast at current or saved locations

Deer Logging

  • Utilizes GPS satellites for accurate position data & Integrated with Google Maps. 
  • Group you logs by Stand, Land Parcel, Season or other.
  • NO TYPING REQUIRED - swiftly select from dropdowns for Deer Sex, Points, Estimated Age, Activity (feeding, moving, seeking, chasing, tending, bedded, scraping/rubbing, and more). 

***Automatically captures ScoutLook's World Class weather details at the exact moment of shot or sighting - App knows Weather, Wind, Solunar, Lunar, Time, Date, and GPS position and saves all. Never again do you have to remember what the conditions were at time of sighting or shot!

  • Group your logs by Farm or Hunting Property - unlimited and ideal for outfitters and hunting clubs or private land owners who have guest hunters!
  • Use the Hunting Club/Outfitter Registration form to set up your private code, then multiple hunters can enter into their apps allowing anyone who hunts your land to log to your private account - you capture all deer sightings or harvests - and all conditions of the successful event.
  • Buck to Doe Ratio - Automatically keeps running total of at each Property or stand
  • Buck Age Structure - Automatically keeps a running total at each property or stand
  • Logs Save both in App and on's FREE ONLINE "QuickLog" page for in depth, online analysis & review of all logs. (more below)

Log Review in App or QuickLogs:

  • View past logs in the app, or on ScoutLook's FREE online web portal
  • Sort by Date, Time of day, Deer Sex, Buck Age, Activity, Weather, Barometric, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Location Group (farm or property) or any other variable.
  • Better understand which conditions led to success events, e.g. "how many bucks seen or harvested, when temperature was above X, wind was below 10MPH or moon was full?"
  • Sorting by Activity will let you see the crescendo of the rut each season based on your sightings at YOUR property.  No more hypothesis and theories...use your own data to zero in!
  • Export to MS Excel for further analysis and input of personalized data and notes.


  • Use this GPS marking tool while in the field to save important details and points of interest.  
  • Return to the exact places, or check the weather before heading back! 
  • Points for saving include: Scrapes, Rubs, Bedding, Food, Water Holes, Blood-Trails, Camera Locations, Feeder or Attractant sites, Trail Crossings, Topographic pinch points, Parking Areas, etc: pinned to the satellite map for later reference, weather or wind checks, or logging of Deer!   

Bowsite Notes:

We have been using Scoutlook Weather for two seasons and let me tell you, this App is invaluable! Now with the addition of DeerLog I can easily capture all of my deer sightings along with all weather & environmental information like wind direction, barometer, moon phase etc without entering anything. The App does it for me and then I can look for trends from there. The guys at Scoutlook have created the ultimate deer hunting tool and the best part is it's all on my phone.

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