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HeDog ArmourDillo Cam Protector


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HeDog's ArmourDillo Cam Protector is a simple concept - an easy to install device that simply snaps onto the bottom limb of your bow to protect the lower cam.

1. Protection

Surrounding the cam with a protection never experienced before. Formed out of some of the toughest material known to exist, your lower cam and string have a virtual 360 force field around it.

2. Strength/Weight

  • 1/8” cross section has an impact resistance over 27.0 ft lbs.
  • 1/8” cross section has a tensil strength over 38,000 psi.
  • 1/8” cross section has a flexial strength over 59,000 psi.
  • Weight - a mere 2.1 oz.

3. Features

  • Grid-Truss design for strongest strength weight ratio possible.
  • Aerodynamic properties for 0 speed loss.
  • HEDOG Archery’s own proprietary blend of materials tested to tame limb vibration.
  • Replaceable HEDOG Ground Gripper for anti-slip stability.
  • All mounting hardware.


Bowsite Notes:

Every once in a while a product comes a long that makes you say "why didn't I think of that?." This product Rocks! and by that I mean it protects against rocks, dirt, mud, grass, hay and virtually any material that can clog, damage or seriously alter your bottom cam. Before I used my ArmourDillo I would rest the bottom of my cam on the tip of my boot. While it worked, it was far from ideal. But sometimes you can't - and on a caribou hunt I cut the bottom cable on a volcanic rock. Luckily the cable held until my hunt was over but I was sweating it out the entire time. With my HeDog cam protector, I never have to worry about my bottom cam again. Installs in seconds and provides peace of mind protection for a very reasonable price. Try one, I think you'll agree.

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